Naamkaran 19th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Samrat gives a letter to Avni in a funny manner. Samrat says it is an unidentified letter and it can be dangerous. Avni asks Samrat to calm down. Avni opens the letter and finds a DVD too. Avni reads the letter and it is written that she will destroy Avni’s happiness. Avni sees the DVD and sees a woman whose face is not shown. Avni gets very scared and panics. Samrat asks Avni to calm down and asks her who is this person who sent them the letter. Samrat asks whether it is an old enemy. Avni says that she will inform Mitali. Shweta and Neil talk to each other and Shweta tells Neil that she likes Mitali. Neil tells Shweta not to dream as he can never think of second marriage. Shweta tells Neil that he seems happy after coming to Kashid. Neil says that he feels good in Kashid. Neil goes for a shower but takes along the diary that he found in sukoon ghar. Neil thinks that he can help Jaan Didi.

Avni confronts Mitali and Mitali asks her whether anyone else knows about her secret. Mitali says that she will find out who sent her the letter. Neil reads the diary where Avni has written that she wants to lead her life only for the orphanage kids after leaving back her past life. Neil reads the diary further and thinks that Jaan Didi is hiding something big. Shweta asks KK why Neil seems so happy. KK shows pictures of all women that Neil has met in Kashid. KK says that only Nilanjana has not shown her face as she does not like to be photographed. KK says that Nilanjana is married and her husband works in Mumbai police. Shweta asks DD to find details of Nilanjana’s husband. Avni tells Tara and Sitara to return cheque to film crew as they cannot do shooting there any longer. Saisha says that KK’s parents are so rich and famous but she has no idea about her parents. Saisha asks Avni to tell about her parents. Avni tells Saisha that her parents’ identity is not important as they have to make their own identity. Saisha insists but Avni refuses. Saisha says that she finds it difficult to answer when people ask about her family. Saisha gets annoyed with Avni. Saisha is with KK in the car and he asks her why she looks sad. Saisha says that she is fine but KK says that he understand she is in a problem. KK gifts Saisha a chain and Saisha gets happy. KK makes Saisha wear the chain. Saisha says she loved the gift. KK says that wants a return gift. KK asks Saisha to give him an autograph. KK asks Saisha to write her full name. Saisha writes Saisha Khanna. KK hugs Saisha. Neil calls up Mowgli and asks him to make him meet Jaan Didi. Mowgli asks Neil to come home soon. Neil thinks he is going to meet Jaan Didi.


Avni hears Dayawanti’s voice and thinks it can’t be her as she died in front of her. Avni sees a procession coming towards her.


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