Tu Aashiqui 19th March 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Pankti singing Tere liye….. Everyone smiles and claps for her. Ahaan goes on stage and hugs her. JD looks on. Ahaan stops Vikram and says you were going to exchange Jaishri’s story with our engagement scene, where Anita created the scene, so that Pankti got defamed. Pankti asks Richa is this true, did she wish to defame her, they were best friends before. Richa says yes, we wanted to defame you to stop you from coming inside this house, our friendship ended the day I got to know your truth. Pankti says fine, I will keep trying to make my name. She sees JD. She scolds Richa. She says I m ashamed to call you my friend, I have found a way, the way of fame, your truth came out in front of me today. She asks Ahaan to drop her home. He holds her hand and leaves.


drops Pankti and says you are so solid. She asks really. He says yes, you gave a solid answer to Richa. JD asks are you mad, my reputation would have got ruined today if that DVD played. Vikram says mom is in this state because of her. JD says have faith in Lord, just plan well so that just Pankti bears the loss. They have a drink.

Ahaan says you will get strong and won’t need anyone, not even me. She says even I need courage, you are my courage. He asks her to prove it. He makes her sit over the car. He says prove it by your lips. He closes eyes. Pankti says I m slipping…. He holds her. She asks him to go fast, its recording tomorrow. She hugs him. She asks is he happy now. He says forever. Richa says what does she think of herself…. She gets hurt. Vikram helps her. He says don’t worry, she wants to become a star, I will show her stars in daytime.

Anita happily hugs Pankti and asks what happened, what did Suman say, he will repeat you in every film if he likes your voice. Pankti asks does anything happen in my life without a drama. She tells everything. Anita smiles and hugs her daughters. Its morning, Ahaan asks Pankti to hurry up, he can’t keep patience. Pankti gets in the car. He says its your first song recording. She gives him a tiffin. He says wow, kheer. She says its your recording too, you will sing sweet if you have sweets. He feeds her first. She feeds him. He kisses her hand. They leave. Someone follows them. He drives. She feeds him the kheer. They talk about the new show Bepannah. A girl sells flowers at the signal. Pankti says I don’t want. The girl says please buy it, I want to get books. Pankti buys flowers. Someone goes to the car and puts something in the water bottle. Ahaan is at the flower stall. Pankti turns to see and shouts Ahaan. Vikram turns….

Ahaan drinks the water and feels dizzy. He stops the car and falls over the steering. Pankti sees JD and throws a stone to break the glass….JD gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena


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