Ishqbaaz 20th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Anika says the dance will start in some time, Gauri we have to divert them so that we can find Aryan. ShivOmru dance on Shava Shava…… Anika, Gauri and Bhavya dance with them. Veer smiles. Shivaye signs Rudra. Shakti, Pinky, Tej and Jhanvi dance with them. Veer thinks this happiness won’t last long. Rudra goes to Soumya. He asks why are you standing alone here, come for dance. She asks will you dance with me. He asks aren’t you my best friend. She says I m. He says if a best friend isn’t happy for another, how are we best friends then. She says okay. He asks shall we dance. She says lets go. He says we are going to dance, not for shopping, your bag… keep it. She keeps her bag. They dance. Shivaye sees them and goes to get her bag. Veer comes in between and asks where are you going.

Shivaye says maybe you forgot this is my house, I don’t need permission to go anywhere in my house. Veer says I really like your sense of humour.

Shivaye says I like your sense of dressing. Veer says thanks. Shivaye says I hope you are really enjoying the party. Veer says yes, but the real fun will start when this ball opens up, there must be a big surprise for Rudra and Bhavya, after all this is your brother’s wedding function, I m sure this ball has many gifts for them. Shivaye says gifts will be ordinary, special gift for Rudra will be a grand wedding, regarding this ball, till this opens up, Tanya why don’t you dance with Veer, enjoy the party. He thinks Soumya and Veer are occupied, this is the chance to check her phone.

He takes her bag. He asks someone to unlock the phone. Khanna says don’t worry, this is city’s best hacker. The guy gives the phone and goes. Shivaye checks and says what, entire history is deleted, how shall I know Soumya’s plan now. He gets a call. Dinesh/Tailor asks Soumya can I come to pick payment. Shivaye says I m her assistant, which payment.

Dinesh says she got a bridal lahenga made for her marriage. Shivaye asks marriage. Dinesh says strange, you are her assistant and don’t know about her marriage, she is becoming bahu of Oberoi family, I have designed her bridal outfit. Shivaye thinks of Veer and Tej’s words. He says so this is her real plan, she wants to marry Rudra and become bahu of Oberoi family, he is marrying Bhavya, how will Soumya marry him, how is Veer helping him. Anika says I m worried for Aryan. Gauri says he maybe in trouble. Roop asks when will the ball open. Veer asks her to have patience. Aryan wakes up. Veer says I think the kid got awake, the drama is about to begin. Shivaye sees Soumya and thinks I have understood you want to marry Rudra, but I need to know how you will do this. Pinky asks when are we starting gift ceremony, we want to know what’s hidden in the ball. Shivaye says okay we shall start it. Anika sees Aryan and shows to Gauri and Bhavya. They get shocked.

Jhanvi says ceremony is going to start. Veer says Shivaye wants to give a surprise to everyone. Pinky says we all know of it, ball will open and gifts will fall out, right. Shivaye calls out Khanna. Anika says no.. Pinky asks why not. Anika says I think gifts can break after falling down. Pinky says no, they are bubble wrapped, Shivaye begin now. Veer says enough of dance, its time for action now. He goes and pulls down the switch. The ball opens up. Gifts and flowers fall down. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get shocked and cry. They run to hold Aryan. Everyone looks on. Aryan falls down. Everyone gets shocked.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya hold him and hug. Aryan cries. Veer smiles. Pinky asks whose child is it, who is he, how did he fall from there. Anika says you are fine, everything is fine, don’t cry. They console him. Shivaye says Aryan….He says he is Ahluwalia’s son, you dropped him right, how did he come here. Pinky asks how did he go inside this ball. He asks Anika what’s the matter. Soumya smiles and thinks what I planned is done, now what I have dreamt will happen. She imagines everyone asking whose child is Aryan. Media asks Shivaye about Rudra’s child. Shivaye asks Rudra to marry Soumya, the child is his responsibility now. Bhavya leaves and cries. She smiles thinking of her marriage with Rudra. Om says speak up, whose child is this, what is he doing here Gauri. Rudra asks Bhavya to answer. Anika says he is Aryan, he is living with us since two days. Pinky says two days, we don’t even know. Tej says you didn’t tell us. Shakti asks whose child is he, who are his parents, his parents can file a police case against us. Shivaye says so you were hiding this from us, but why, what made you hide him, tell the entire matter.

Anika says we needed some time to find out about him. Aryan calls out dad….. Shivaye asks who is your dad…. he said the same thing in kitchen that day. Om says the question is still the same, who is his dad. Rudra asks Aryan who is his dad. Aryan says Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra…. They get shocked. Pinky asks what is he saying. Gauri says we didn’t understand and were hiding him to know his parents. Anika says someone has sent him, this is a huge conspiracy, someone is trying to ruin Shivomru’s name. Veer thinks I thought there will be much action and then solid reaction, I have to do something. He signs a man. The man calls someone. Veer thinks reporters will do my work. Reporters come there. Soumya smiles. Khanna stops media. Shivaye asks what’s going on. Khanna says media came in without permission. Tej asks who called them here. Shivaye says we didn’t invite them here.

Reporter says obviously, why would you call us when you know you don’t have answers to our questions. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Reporter says about the scandal that happened in our family. Shivaye says this is family function, I don’t have to reply your ridiculous questions, so just leave. Reporter says we won’t leave without getting our answers. Shivaye asks Khanna to send them. Khanna asks them to leave. Reporters run to Aryan. Shivaye shouts okay stop, before I call the police, leave from here. Reporter says you can’t hide the truth, the entire world knows that Oberoi family has an illegitimate child. Shivaye says enough, if you say anything against my family, I will not leave you. Reporter asks will this cover up your brother’s doing, no…. Tej asks who are you talking about. Reporter says your younger son, Rudra. They get shocked.

Reporters ask Rudra about his illegitimate child, he married Soumya but didn’t regard it real, today he is marrying Bhavya, will he give his name to the child, answer them. Shivaye gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


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