Tu Aashiqui 20th March 2018 Episode Written Update; Pankti JD Face Off

The Episode starts with Vikram hiding and going to his car. He gives money to the flower seller. Ahaan and Pankti reach the studio. They give good wishes to each other. He feels thirsty. She gives him the water bottle. He drinks water. She asks him to be positive and goes, forgetting to take the bottle from him. He leaves in his car. Suman and Jaishri think of finalizing Pankti’s voice. They call Pankti in. Pankti gets nervous. She goes in the cabin and meets them. Suman says you should thank your Guru ji, entire country loves your voice. Jaishri says it will be good if you sing for our movie, but actually that song isn’t in our movie now. Suman says other singers are signed now. JD comes there. She sees him. JD says so nice to see you Pankti Sharma.

He says I think we have an old way that

Lord is making us meet again. He shakes hands with her. Suman says Pankti ji, Lord will give us a chance to work together soon. She cries and greets them. She leaves. She walks on the road and thinks of JD’s words. Ahaan gets dizzy while driving. Pankti recalls the party moments. Ahaan finds hard to drive. He looks around. He stops the car and falls over the horn. Pankti walks lost and thinks of Ahaan’s words. She cries. She comes home and cries in her room. She calls Ahaan. Ahaan is unconscious. She thinks its good you didn’t answer the call, else you would have heard my voice and knew that I m upset, you would have left your recording. JD calls her and says real men always keep their words, I promised you I will never let you succeed. She says I understand, I will stop dreaming now.

He says I thought you believe in the strength of love. She says yes, now I know you are more powerful, where are you. He says so you are restless to meet me, don’t take tension, I will come. She says no, this time I will come, tell me where are you. He says I m at office, I want to see you in anniversary dress, wear that and come. He gets busy in work. Pankti reaches there. JD gets happy. Pankti picks up a stone. He gets prepared to meet her. She enters his office. She sees him inside the cabin. She throws a stone at his cabin. The glass shatters. JD gets shocked and hurt by the stone. The staff looks on shocked. JD scolds her for hitting a stone at him. He says if one defeat made you mad, think what I go through by losing again and again. She taunts him. They start arguing in front of the staff.

She says you start ruining my dreams, you cut my wings when I try to take a flight, how long will you humiliate me. JD says you tried to insult me and I insulted you, scores are equal. She says no, scores will be equal now, I will end the game which you started, I will ruin you, I will tire you, defeat you, I have got determined. He laughs. He holds his bleeding forehead. He asks how will you defeat me, by your helplessness and unemployment. She says no, by my love and life, whose name is Ahaan.

He says don’t take his name in front of me, I hate that name, I hate Ahaan and I hate your love. She says you can’t ruin me, you can’t shatter my dreams, you can’t insult me, you will see which no one have seen till now. JD insults her. She warns him. She takes a glass piece and goes to stab him. He moves aside and stares at her. She throws the glass piece. She leaves. JD gets a call. Inspector says Ahaan had taken drugs and was lying unconscious on the road, I got him to hospital. JD smiles.

Uday informs Pankti about Ahaan. She says I m coming. She sees Ahaan. She asks how did this happen. Uday says doctor feels Ahaan took drugs, and now his career will end.

Update Credit to: Amena


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