Zindagi Ki Mehak 20th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Mahek says to Anjali lets go home. She says I shouldn’t that’s not home. Mahek says are you crazy? She says no I don’t wanna create trouble. Shaurya says you will come with us.
Mahek shaurya and anjali come home. Karuna hugs her. She says thank you Mahek. karuna says to Shaurya I was so worried. i was waiting for you all. Dolly says why did thugs run after you everytime? She says they kidnapped and wanted to sell all these girls. Harsh says this happens with you because your blood is dirty. Shaurya says enough don’t say that word. He says shut up Shaurya. He says if I have to choose between ypu and ANjali I will choose her. If you don’t wnna live with them you can leave this house.
Shaurya says you called Ma characterless. How dare you. She gave you all

her love and years. She loved someone else before you and you have nothing to do with that. You had another wife who gave me birth too. You married ma for money. Harsh leaves in anger. Shaurya says to njali you are my sister. You will live here only. You past was a nightmare which is over. She says thank you brother and hugs him. Karuan is in tears. Harsh is angry.

Scene 2
Mahek comes to Shaurya and says I love you. He says winning your heart is tough. You get happy when I do things for others. SHe says you are such a nice person. How can I not love you madly. Shaurya says thank you. You make me a better person. He says where is my reward? Shaurya hugs her and goes to bed with her. Shaurya kisses eher.

Mahek serves everyone breakfast. shaury says don’t be shy anajli. Karuna says mahek cooks wonderful food. Harsh says bring my breakfast to room awara. Mahek takes his food to his room;
Harsh is packing his bags. Karuna makes Anjali eat. Mahek says what is this papa. please don’t do this. The truth can’t be changed. please don’t leave house in anger. He calls driver and says get car ready we have to go to airport.
Shaurya says you are lucky anjali am is very loving. Make me eat too. Karuna says you and anjali both are my eyes.
Anjali coughs. Karuna says eat sweets the food might be spicy for you. Mahek says papa is leaving. Everyone is dazed.
Karuna says to harsh please stop. you can’t leave like this. we have to talk. Shaurya mahek please stop him. Mahek says please don’t leave us like this. Karuna says dont’ go please. If you want i will leave this house. Harsh says you chose this girl over me and so did my son. He chose his step and characterless mother. You have disappointed me. Dolly says this is not right. Harsh leaves. Dolly says this girl will ruin this house.
Anjali says to Karuna ma I shouldn’t have come here. I am sorry. Shaurya goes inside. Karuna takes her inside. Mahek says to Shaurya you have to talk to papa please. only you can handle this.
Anjali gives Karuna water. karuna is crying. She says ma please don’t cry like this. I wish i could do this. i can still leave this house.
Shaurya says dad wont understand. he is blackmailing us. Anjali is my sister and dad can’t change it.
karuna says you wont go anywhere. Shauyra says he left because of his ego. I will not accept this. mahek says you are right but papa shouldn’t live outside this house. We have to find a solution.
Precap-Shaurya comes to mahek and says what are you thinking now? Why are you worried? She says Masi told kanta chachi about anjali.
she thinks we made a mistake.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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