Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 21st March 2018 Episode Written Update

Vyom wonders what proof Dad is hiding. I must find out. he comes to his room and finds Sharanya in an awkward position. What are you doing? She steps back. He guesses that the lovebirds are hugging. She notices something in his hands. He says it is Bhel as you liked it. You both used to teach me at midnight when I got supplementary.

Sharanya, Shiv and Vyom study together. Vyom calls Shiv a boring teacher. Sharanya was teaching so nicely. Shiv tells her to ask her then. Shiv keeps looking at Sharanya. Vyom says she looks so cute. Shiv tells him to go easy. She is your Bhabhi. He covers Vyom’s eyes.

Vyom looks at Sharanya as she sleeps. She fell asleep. Say something. How would I understand though? Freeze this bottle. He realises Shiv isn’t around

and leaves to do something urgent. Shiv is sitting there only. He wakes Sharanya. Vyom just left from here. He thought I wasn’t here. He wanted to do something urgent before I come. You wanted proof. Let’s follow him. the truth will be out. Sharanya looks at him.

Sharanya and Shiv are following Vyom’s car at a distance. She isn’t happy with his plan but he assures her that they would find out the truth in some time.

Sharanya and Shiv come to an old building. Vyom tells Odhni to do it. She refuses but he insists upon her to do it. She tells him to understand it can have dire circumstances. He does not mind it but she tells him even her mantras wont finish this task. He refuses to let her go. I cannot let you go. He senses Sharanya and Shiv’s presence and changes his words. I am doing it all for Shiv and Sharanya. I have understood that they both love each other a lot and I have to bring them together at any cost! Sharanya and Shiv have heard it all. Odhni is puzzled. What are you saying? He is dead. How can I bring him back? Spirit and human cannot come together ever. Vyom asks her to kill him instead. Shiv’s spirit can then come inside me. It will unite them. I cannot keep Sharanya happy like this. I might help her this way. Odhni says I understand you love Sharanya very much and can even die for her sake but Shiv must leave this world one day. Sharanya collides with something. Vyom acts to be distracted. What are you doing here? You dint hear anything right? Don’t cry. I dint want you to hear it. We will find a way out of this. We wont let Shiv go. I am talking to Odhni. He asks Odhni to help them somehow. We cannot let Shiv go. Odhni again says she cannot do anything in this matter. She checks her book. It explains about the spirit not taking another birth. You are doing wrong by stopping Shiv. Spirit must go to his world when the body is dead. Vyom says Shiv has to be with Sharanya. Odhni says Shiv dint go anywhere. His motive was to find his killer. Now that it is done, he must leave this world. Shiv will be in pain if you will keep him here. Find his dead body and do his last rites. Sharanya cries. Vyom agrees to find some other way. Sharanya rushes out from there followed by Vyom.

Shiv tries to stop Sharanya but she is very much disturbed. She asks him why he dint tell her he must leave one day. He knows she is upset. I had to know to tell you this. I dint know anything. She is sure he dint want to tell her. Why did you lie? You came back so you can leave me again! She begins to throw stuff in the room. Why did you give me fake assurances that you wont leave me again? Why did you lie to me? Why dint you tell me before that you would leave me for forever! I cannot live without you. Why did you remind me that I belong to you and that you belong to me! Shiv looks at her. Sharanya refuses to let him go. I wont be able to live without you. Shiv sits next to her. you got so angry hearing about it? you are my life. I came back just for you. why would I lie to you? She repeats that he lied. You dint tell me it hurts you very much. Shiv says you believed that Odhni. You are my sukoon (peace). I can bear any amount of pain, wander around everywhere for you but you should understand that I will have to leave one day! Sharanya cries. I have lost you once. I know that pain. I cannot let you go. I will have to do something. She goes quiet recalling something. You heard what Odhni said? Spirit and human cannot be together but two spirits can be together. I will die! He shouts at her to be quiet. You wont even think of something like that! Sharanya breaks down.

Vyom is hearing Sharanya’s words. I wont live without you Shiv. I will be with you even after death. Vyom refuses to let her die. You will have to live for me. Odhni calls it a sin but he does not mind it. Stop your rubbish and do as I say. She calls it wrong but he reasons that everything seems fine when your loved one is right. He shows Freddy’s footage to her. I will push one button and he will die! Are you in agreement now? Start it. He gives her Shiv’s photo and something.

Odhni starts her prayers. She throws some sand on Shiv’s photo and he is suddenly thrown off balance. Sharanya shouts in concern. Vyom hears her screams. Shiv is in a lot of pain and Sharanya looks on helplessly. Shiv keeps shouting. Sharanya shouts in fear as Shiv passes out. Vyom stops Odhni and listens carefully. Sharanya shouts at Shiv to wake up. A smile appears on Vyom’s face.

Precap: Rajan tells Sharanya that he wants his son to be away from her. You have destroyed everything since you have come in the house! I will kill you today. He shoots her (someone else steps in between surely).

Update Credit to: Pooja

Pic Credit: OU


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