Tu Aashiqui 21st March 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with JD touching his bleeding and saying I will consider this a start of new battle. Uday calls Pankti and says Ahaan is at the hospital, he was found unconscious road side. She says I m coming. She comes to the hospital and asks for Ahaan. She sees Ahaan inside the ward. Uday says doctor is checking him. She asks how did she happen. He says don’t worry, we were waiting for him at recording studio, doctors feel he has taken drugs. Inspector says we didn’t get drugs in car, once doctor confirms, we will start criminal proceedings and inform media. Uday says Ahaan will go jail and his career will be over. She says this can’t happen, we were together, he went to get flowers to wish me good luck. She recalls seeing someone near the car. She says Ahaan’s car…. where is it.

Uday says its in parking, why. She runs to the car and checks the water bottle. She recalls Ahaan drinking the water. She checks the water by pouring it down. She says JD would have added drugs in the water so that I couldn’t sing, like always, Ahaan saved me, this time I won’t leave JD.

JD asks Vikram who gave drugs to Ahaan. Vikram asks about his wound. JD says answer me first. Vikram says but I added drugs in Pankti’s water bottle. JD slaps and scolds him for interfering in Pankti’s matter. He says Ahaan reached the hospital, get out now, don’t worry I won’t let matter go out, you also keep your mouth shut. Vikram nods and goes. JD says drugs were for Pankti and Ahaan consumed it, this is called Kismat connection, I have to break it somehow. Ahaan opens eyes and holds his head. Nurse asks how are you feeling now. He says better. He worries for his recording. Uday and Pankti come. Ahaan asks how come I m here. Pankti hugs him and says JD has played another game, don’t worry, everything will get fine.

Aparna and Kaira come and get worried. They meet Ahaan. Richa and Vikram come. Richa accuses Pankti. Pankti asks her to see the place and time before speaking, its time to support family. She goes and takes a nurse’s getup. She signs Uday and goes to the pathology lab. She gets Ahaan’s blood sample tube. She says I won’t let you fall in any trouble Ahaan. Uday sees a doctor coming and worries. Uday asks Pankti to hurry up. Pankti empties the tube. Uday stops doctor and asks about Dengue fever. He engages the doctor. Pankti thinks of something.

She gets a syringe. She says there is no option, I have to do this. She extracts her blood and fills the tube. She quickly leaves from there. Uday sees her. She signs him. Media talks about Ahaan, if its true about drugs. They ask Ahaan about drugs. Manav says no comments. Reporter says you know you won’t get bail for drugs, did you start taking drugs now, your career will end. Pankti says its a plotting against him, reports have come and its negative, Ahaan just had migraine, the person doing this won’t succeed. JD hears the news and gets angry. He gets shocked seeing a girl in front of his car and applies brakes. He asks her did she get just his car to die. Pankti turns. He smiles and says so you have come back to me. She scolds him.

She says you can’t do anything to Ahaan, I will become his shield, I will punish him, if you dare to trouble Ahaan again, you will know it. He signs her that she is finished. He says so you have initiated a battle, don’t cry when I play my tricks, you know everything is fair in love and war, love with Ahaan and war with me, I won’t let you win in both, you have to work double. He touches her. She moves him away and says right, everything is fair in love and war, I will win love and war too. She goes.

At home, Ahaan sees JD and smiles. He touches JD’s wound and asks are you fine, is it hurting a lot. JD says stay in your limits. Ahaan says I learnt crossing limits from you. He taunts JD. JD says you have become sharp in talks, but there is a difference to prove it, you have no evidence, but I have many witness for what Pankti did, I can send her to jail, you can’t get her bailed out. Ahaan says everyone knows how low you can fall, we have a problem to fight with dignity, we will prove your crime. JD says you can never prove that I got drugs added in the bottle. Ahaan gets shocked.

JD says both women in my life have hurt me, I will not let this wound heal till I stamp Pankti with my name. Pankti sees Anita and shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena


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