Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik shouting Naira. Naksh comes back and asks Rajshri to come out. He sees Kirti and shouts Kirti. Kartik lifts Naira. Rahul says I was totally confused. Suhana says we did same acting here, if any policeman recognized us, we would have got caught, even that mad guy is finding me. He asks shall we drop this idea. She says no, Shubham is madly in love with me. He says I can’t tolerate that anyone… She says its good that guys fall for me so soon, I don’t fall for them, I m in love with you. They hug. She makes a face. She says if we disappear, Shubham will chase us. He says yes, its profitable too, they are very rich. She says we will play this last move and then enjoy retirement from it. He says his brother and Bhabhi are smart. She says yes, we have

to be careful of Naira. Doctors check Naira and Kirti. Surekha says maybe they got food poisoning. Baisa says why to think bad, it can be good news.

Naitik says nothing is right, its something big. Bau ji asks him not to worry. Both doctors discuss. Bhabhimaa asks are they fine. Doctor says its tough to say what happened to them, we will do their test. Naksh sits with Kirti. Kartik asks Naira how is she feeling now, she fainted. She says I felt so. He asks why didn’t you tell me. She says I m okay. He says you will exert yourself and faint against, its imp to take care of yourself, I will take care of you, I will ask Naksh to take care of Kirti, if you both faint again. She asks what happened to Kirti, he says don’t know, I didn’t meet her yet. She asks him to go. Doctor asks Kartik to go out, she has to talk to Naira, he can see Kirti till then. He goes.

Doctor checks Naira’s BP. Servant gets report. Naira asks what test did you do, I m fine, maybe I fainted by tension and stress, what happened to Kirti. Naira asks what happened. Doctor says you are pregnant, congrats. Naira smiles and thinks of Kartik. She cries happily. She asks doctor why is she stressed. Doctor says Kirti’s reports say its tough for her to conceive, her chances of becoming a mother are very low. Naira gets shocked. She says I have to talk to Kartik.

Aryan says I will talk to you later Suhana. Dadi says I will talk to you about that girl, after some time, Kartik told me about your foolishness, I m busy about Kartik and Naira. Naira sees Kartik and thinks how to tell him, one news is good and one news is good and one news is bad. Doctor pulls her. She says sorry, I did a mistake, Kirti is pregnant and…. Naira says thanks, everyone will be glad. Doctor says I have interchanged the reports, I m saying right now. Naira says it means Kartik can conceive and I…. doctor signs no. Naira gets shocked.

Dadi wards off bad sight from Kirti. She says I will ward off bad sight from Naira as well. Aryan says Kartik and Naira are not in their room, I went to give them medicines. They hear dhol sound and go downstairs to see. Kartik plays dhol. Naira dances. She makes everyone dance. Manish asks what’s happening. Naitik says Naira fainted some time back and now she is dancing, what’s happening. Naira says its going to happen. Kartik says I m becoming Mama. They get shocked and smile. Naira says I will become Bua and Mami too. They all hug Naksh and Kirti. Kabhi bichaate hai….plays…. Naira sees them and goes away. She cries. She says how can I let my sorrows fall over their happiness. Kartik comes to her. She wipes tears and smiles. They blow the poppers. She prays and says I know you will not end our hopes, I m sure you will show us some way. Naitik says Rajshri gave this to Akshara on Naksh’s birth, Akshara said she will continue this tradition, one for Naira and other for Naksh’s child, take this.

Kirti thanks him. Naksh hugs Kirti. She says congrats. He says this holi was very lucky. She thinks of the note. She asks do you want to say something to me. He says what shall I say, I m speechless, take rest. She thinks have you really forgotten it or avoiding the matter. Its morning, Naira says I will meet doctor and understand everything then I will tell Kartik. Kartik wakes up and hugs her. He says I was looking for you in dream, then I woke up and saw you, you know what I have saw in dream. She says no, it was not a film to know. He keeps a pillow in her dress to make a fake baby bump.

He says you were looking cute and chubby like this, we shall meet some doctor. She cries. She stops him and kisses. He says you seem to be more eager than me. She says I too want a little baby. Lav and Kush call them out. Kartik says till they are here, I won’t have my own kids. She says we will surely have kids. Kartik asks what happened. She says nothing. She thinks to talk to doctor once. Aryan gets Suhana’s message. He sees everyone dining. He thinks she is worried there and no one cares here. He gets up and starts arguing. He says no one spoke to me about Suhana.

Dadi says talk to me. She says I met Suhana on shivratri, I fell in love with her and want to marry her. Naira asks did you meet her since 4 days before. Aryan says yes, it was love at first sight, I felt we are soul mates. Dadi says marriage is not a child’s play, let me finish, I spoke to my Guru ji, he didn’t agree to this relation, you met her four days before, it wasn’t an auspicious day, I can’t ignore her brother’s doing, stop misbehaving with elders for that girl, else I will stop thinking about this. He sees Suwarna and throws food. He goes. Manish sees Suwarna. Naira thinks nothing is going fine.

Naira goes to tell Kartik. Suhana calls her and says Shubham is very angry, he may do something. Kartik and Naira see Aryan at the terrace.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: Kiara_Ki_Aag


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