Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 23rd March 2018 Episode Written Update

Sharanya asks Shiv why he dint tell her this earlier. Shiv says Vyomw as our friend. I wanted to trust him and our friendship.

Vyom asks Shiv why he goes near Sharanya. I cannot see you going near her! I became her friend first. You came later. I loved her first. Why did you have to love her too? Shiv reasons that Sharanya loves him too. Vyom says you have such a good image so it is bound to happen. Forget Sharanya. Shiv tells Vyom to take everything but not Sharanya. Vyom tells him the same and points a bloodied knife at him. Shiv holds it with his bare hand. You have seen my friendship, my love but don’t commit the mistake of challenging it! Love happens between 2 people. Sharanya and I decided to love and stay with each other. It is you who is coming in between. Sharanya’s

consent is in our love. Your madness is alone. We will get Sharanya’s parents’ acceptance today. Understand one thing very clearly. Sharanya is mine in this birth, next and all the other ones!

Shiv says I dint want to tell you all this. I wanted to give a chance to our friendship. There is some hidden agenda behind what Odhni is doing. Sharanya asks him if he is sure. Shiv asks her if she loves him. Sharanya nods. I love you more than I love myself. Shiv asks her to do as he says. Odhni got worried when we spoke of some secret. She dint want us to know something. If we find that reason then we can end this game for once and all. I wont go anywhere till I figure out the truth! Will you support me? Sharanya agrees to support him till her last breath. Shiv asks her to come. Sharanya is surprised. We are going to lakeside at this hour?

Vyom realises that they are going near the lake cabin where dad is hiding some secret. He calls his father and asks him what he hiding in that cabin. Rajan tells him off. It is my secret. Vyom says I have to know. Shiv and Sharanya have gone there. What if they find that clue? Tell me what you are hiding so I can stop them. Rajan asks him to stop them but Vyom insists upon knowing what secret he is hiding in the cabin. You got to tell me! Rajan tells him something in mute. Vyom’s eyes widen in shock.

Sharanya and Shiv reach the lakeside. Sharanya too feels something strange. Shiv shares that this is what he has felt all his life. The atmosphere changes whenever I come here. I feel as if this place, the stones, the lake want to tell me something. She says this cannot be a coincidence that you are attracted to this place. We found Sadhvi ji’s dead body here only and Avni got stuck here only. There is indeed something here. He wonders how to find out what it is. She asks him to close his eyes and hear the voice which pulls him here every day. Listen carefully. What is calling out to you? Shiv concentrates and sees flashes of the cabin. He points towards it. Sharanya asks him if he wants to go there. He nods. I walked towards it earlier too but I couldn’t reach my destination. She suggests trying one more time today. Maybe you will reach your destination today.

Sharanya and Shiv head towards the cabin. Suvarna wakes up feeling something. Shiv and Sharanya hear some sound and decide to check inside the cabin. Maybe someone is here. Suvarna walks towards the window but finds Rajan pulling at her chains. She asks him why he looks so pale. Is the time near? He tells her to shut up. She says I can see fear on your face. Did you see your death? Has something already happened or is something about to happen? Rajan agrees that he has realised the mistake that he committed years ago. I will fix it today. She points out that he realised it too late. You are about to lose it all. Rajan says you are right. There is indeed a story which is about to end. I will fix my age old mistake by killing you today! He aims his gun at Suvarna.

Shiv and Sharanya are nearby.

Rajan says I left you alive because of my emotions. It is costing me badly. You will have to die. Suvarna tells him he wont do anything like that. You may do anything but I wont close my eyes without seeing my son! Sharanya opens the cabin door just then.

Sharanya notices the glasses, jug and walks around the cabin. Shiv looks at the chains on the walls. He peeks out of the window. Sharanya is trying to open a drawer of a cabinet kept there and finds fresh blood on the floor. Shiv hears the voice of someone sobbing and looks in the opposite direction. He notices someone sitting in a far corner and sobbing away to herself. He walks up to that person. Suvarna looks up at him. Her mouth is gagged.

Precap: Rajan tells Sharanya that he wants his son to be away from her. His love has turned into madness! I cannot bear it anymore! You have destroyed everything since you have come in the house! I will kill you today. He shoots her.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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