Naamkaran 23rd March 2018 Episode Written Update

Neil and Avni enter the hotel room. Neil tells the manager that he needs two single beds but manager says there are no more rooms. Avni tries to pacify Neil but he demands for DVD. Neil sees the DVD video of woman dressed as Dayawanti. Neil is shocked thinking that Dayawanti is alive. Neil taunts Avni that some people fake their own death. Kamini tells a man that Neil will handle the case and hopes the KK gets back without media coverage. Mitali comes to Neil’s room and Avni hides. Neil shows Mitali the DVD and letter. Mitali asks who gave it to him. Neil lies that Sunehri gave it. Mitali says that she knows about it as she is following their case. Neil asks Mitali if she has met Nilanjana. Mitali refuses. Neil hopes that Neil tells her that she knows Avni is alive. Mitali tells Neil that she has to tell her something. Mitali changes her mind but Neil coaxes her to tell him. Neil asks Mitali to tell the truth even if it is bitter. Mitali tells Neil that she is seeing him living a lonely life since 10 years. Mitali tells Neil that she knows that he loves Avni. Neil says that he no longer loves Avni.

Pic Credit: Zainimam_germany


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