Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd March 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik slapping Aryan. He says I m elder brother, I have a right, if I can save his life, I can slap him too. Kartik and Naira try to explain Aryan that suicide isn’t any solution. Kartik says we have seen a suicide in our family and couldn’t cope up till now, we can’t tolerate any other suicide, we have no courage. Naira asks can you think of us when we saw you falling down, its our right to explain you, we are your family. Kartik says your right is to convince us, fight with us for your right, how will dying help. Naira says you think your life is a joke. Kartik asks didn’t you think about your parents. Manish and Suwarna cry. Kartik says we won’t tolerate this next time. He goes. Manish says Naira and Kartik explained well, I would have dealt in tough

way. He scolds Aryan and asks him to take life seriously. He goes. Aryan cries. Suwarna says I request you, don’t say anything to Shubham, we will meet Suhana’s family and fix relation. Naira says don’t rush, its a matter of a lifetime, an alliance shouldn’t form by fear, give him some time to understand Suhana, she is good at heart, she informed us about Shubham. She gets Suhana’s call.

Suhana asks where is Shubham, is he fine, I had asked him not to do anything wrong, sorry. Naira says don’t feel guilty, he is fine, call him. Suwarna takes the phone and says I will meet you soon and tell Shubham that we will do what he wants. Suhana smiles and signs Rahul. Manish says you didn’t do this right. Suwarna says I m not wrong either, I don’t want to take any risk. Kartik sees Aryan sleeping and asks servant not to leave him alone. Naira holds Kartik. He hugs her. Naira thinks he is so worried, I can’t tell him about reports now, I will tell him tomorrow. Its morning, Naira says I can’t get more late, I wish he doesn’t get much upset. She recalls doctor’s words and sits to meditate. Kartik wakes up and sees her. He says sorry to trouble, but shower some love on me. She says you always trouble me, I was relieving stress. He asks what’s getting you stress. She says how could you forget what happened yesterday. He says I told staff not to leave him alone. She says mum is with her. He says sorry I forgot. She says its better to forget such things. He says how will Shubham forget. She says we need to calm down mum first. He kisses her. She says I want to tell something. He gets a work call. He goes.

Dadi says Kirti’s pregnancy news shouldn’t get known to anyone. Suwarna asks her to meet Suhana’s family soon. Manager asks Kartik to sign on legal documents. Kartik signs. Naira comes downstairs. Kartik sees her and gets mesmerized. He signs on manager’s hand and writes Naira. Naira sees him. Kartik smiles. Manager sees Kartik and Naira, and smiles. He says let it be Sir. Kartik sees Naira written on manager’s hand and says oh, I m really sorry, I was lost. Manager says I can understand, its okay, I shall come later. He goes. Kartik goes after Naira and gives her a rose. He jokes. She drinks the juice and says doctor asked me to have this. He says oh because you fainted. Kirti and family comes. Dadi wards off bad sight. Devyaani and others hug Naira. Dadi thanks them for coming. Bhabhimaa says we like when everyone gathers. Baisa says Kirti’s first Gangaur should have been celebrated in Sasural. Naira says sorry, I thought of this and told Dadi.

Kartik greets him and hugs Naksh. Dadi takes Kirti aside and asks are you fasting. Kirti says I m fully prepared. Dadi asks will you keep fast. Kirti says I m not sure. Dadi says it means they want you to keep fast but you are in dilemma. Naira asks Kirti to come. Dadi sends her. She says Kirti’s health isn’t good that she keeps fast, don’t force her. Baisa says this is not a matter to remind, like you have a right on Naira, we have a right on our bahu, its better if you don’t say anything, we are not mad, I know everything, you invited us here, not Naira. Kartik gets fruits and icecream for Kirti. Naksh says you are setting an example, when I get nephew or niece, I will go two steps ahead. Kartik says I will have twins or triplets, not just one child. Naira gets sad. Kartik says you know Kirti never ate fruits. Kirti says I have eat it for baby’s sake. They all hug.

The lady asks why are they looking after Kirti, is she ill. Kartik and Naira see Aryan coming. Naira asks Aryan is he fine. Aryan says Suhana is upset and not talking, just get me talk to her. Suhana shows call to Rahul and answers. Naira says Shubham wants to talk to you, he is saying sorry, talk to him once. Aryan says don’t get angry with me, listen once.

Naira says doctor asked me not to take stress. Kirti slips near stairs. Naira asks her to be careful, not everyone gets this chance. Kirti says I m fine. Lady congratulates Kirti and says Dadi didn’t tell us, but I got to know seeing you. Dadi asks Naira why wasn’t she careful. The ladies say its Naira’s turn now, is she taking pills to avoid pregnancy, everyone should happen on right time. Kartik says Naira come here, its urgent. Naira goes. Lady asks Dadi did anyone not say this to Naira, delaying these things purposely is bad. Dadi says its nothing like that, it will happen when it has to be. Kartik asks Naira to make her mood better. Naksh asks for Kirti and takes him along. Naira goes and takes pills. She says I recalled on time, else today’s dose would have got missed. Dadi asks are you not fine, what’s these medicines. Kartik asks what happened to you. Naira thinks how to tell Kartik in front of Dadi. Dadi asks Kartik to see. Kartik says I will search and tell you, wait. He checks and says this is…… He looks at Naira. He says multivitamins…. Dadi says thank God and goes.

Naira says I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t, doctor said my chances to conceive are less. Kartik gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


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