Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with  Dadi asking Kartik to see. Kartik says I will search and tell you, wait. He checks and says this is…… He looks at Naira. He says multivitamins…. Dadi says thank God, its not the pills ladies were talking about. She goes. Naira says I wanted to tell you, doctor said my chances to conceive are too less. Kartik gets shocked. Surekha asks Naira to help her in work and takes her. Naira leaves Kartik’s hand….. They see each other. Yeh rishta….plays…. Devyaani asks Kirti to have kada, its healthy. Naksh says its really good, have it. He goes. Dadi hears them and sends them to see idol arrangements. She throws the kada in flower pot. Kirti gets shocked and asks what did you do. They see Naksh behind. Naksh says your phone was with me. He goes.

Dadi says Kirti you will have what our family doctor suggests, nothing else. Everyone sits to make idol. The lady says make Naira prepare a Ganpati idol, she will be blessed with a child soon. Naira gets sad.

Dadi says I m sure Lord will take care of Kirti and Naira’s happiness. Everyone sings Pyaar mil jaaye…. and start making the idols by the soil. They all think of their husbands. Naksh helps Kirti. They all dance. Kartik stays upset and cries. Naira sees a baby and stops dancing. Rajshri signs what happened. Naira dances with them. Kartik sits in shock. Dadi says oh my God…. They all worry. Aryan apologizes to Suhana. She says I love you and have forgiven you, don’t repeat it again. She sees his ring. Rahul looks on. She makes Aryan wear her bracelet and says this is token of my love, I want you to always have this. He says I also want to give something. He makes her wear the ring. She says its expensive. He asks her to keep it. She hugs him and smiles.

Dadi says there is no soil left for Bal Ganpati idol. Naira thinks nothing is going fine today. Kartik says I got the soil. Baisa says this soil isn’t good, soil should be pure. Kartik says I got this from tulsi pot, what will be more pure than this soil. Naira sees him and cries. The lady says this soil is not right, the idol will crack after drying. Suwarna says it will definitely shape up when they make it with love, it won’t break. Kartik and Naira say we will make it. They make the idol. Everyone smiles. Bhabhimaa says we shall leave now. Dadi says let Kirti stay here tonight, you have to come for festive tomorrow. Surekha asks Naksh to stay back. Baisa worries. Naksh says no, I have to take care of dad and have work too. Baisa smiles. Devyaani and Rajshri meet Naira and go. Naksh asks Kirti to take care. He goes. Naira sees Aryan and asks where is your ring, which Manish gave you, diamond ring. He says I gifted that to Suhana. She says I agree its your decision, even then don’t do this till family agrees. He says I don’t care and goes. She signs Kartik.

Kartik and Naira sit watching their idol. She says we can’t imagine how life changes. He says yes, we take life for granted, but life gets many challenges for us. She says I couldn’t understand what happened with me, I felt everything got over, I didn’t had courage to tell you, sorry. He says I should say sorry, I couldn’t understand your pain, you fought all alone. She says its my problem. He says its our problem, I can support you, what did the doctor say, aren’t there any chances. She says no, there are 5% chances. He says 5%, remember when we both met, we had no chances to unite, even then we married, everything got fine between me, mum and dad, it all happened because you were with me, we will not lose courage, 5% is a lot. She asks are you sure. He says 100%, fate would know we can deal with this. He hugs her and asks her to see their first attempt, Bal Ganesh idol. She asks will soil be fine, soil is loosening. He says I will fix it, promise me you won’t lose hope. She promises. He goes and checks the idol at night. Naira also checks. She sees Kartik and makes excuses. They think our idol is intact, where there is hope, there is no place for fear. Its morning, Naira meditates. She sees the idol and says everything is fine. Kartik sees idol and smiles. Servant keeps water sprinkler there. Kartik and Naira worry for the idol.

Everyone dances. Kartik smiles. Dadi hears the doctor saying about Naira’s less conceiving chances. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: OU


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