Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 27th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Epi begins with Vyom telling Shiv that Suvarna ji is his mother. Shiv and Suvarna look at each other emotionally. Suvarna thinks of her memories with her son when he was a kid. Shiv extends his hand to touch her but gets sad realising the bitter truth. She tries hugging him but fails. Sad song plays in the background. They both are in tears. They both hold each other (without really touching each other). Vyom looks on. Shiv tells Sharanya it is his mother. She nods through her tears.

Suvarna turns to Vyom. I found my Shiv. Vyom tells her that his mother is innocent. She dint do anything. My Dad is behind all this! He only killed Shiv, his father and Sharanya’s father! He even killed Dr. Amit. Mom was only saving her love. While doing so, she ruined her own life. Years ago when Dad was trying

to kill Shiv, it was mom who left him on the stairs in that temple in Kapali Hills. She is innocent. Sharanya gets a call and drops the phone in shock. Vyom asks her what happened. She says Dad was trying to get out of the ambulance when he met with an accident. He is no more. Vyom’s eyes fill up. What will I say to mom? What will I tell her when she will ask about Dad? Sharanya agrees to tell her.

Vyom gains conscious and makes a call. He tells someone to finish his Dad before he opens his mouth. Do just like I told you to! Freddy has put the ambulance on fire.

Vyom stares blankly.

Sharanya comes to meet Madhvi in jail. Madhvi asks her why she seems so sad. I am not upset with you. I have been really mean to you. Sharanya begins to say but Madhvi keeps talking. I know you have a very big heart but I snatched everything, all those who loved you from you! Sharanya says God sometimes don’t support true love. I came here to tell you something. Dad is no more! Madhvi is stunned. Have you gone mad? Sharanya insists it is truth but Madhvi keeps telling her it’s a lie. She tells her everything in mute. Madhvi shouts in disbelief and cries. She pushes Sharanya away. Don’t touch me! You have snatched my Rajan too! Why did you come in Vyom’s life? Why did you make him mad in your love? You snatched my family from me! Rajan was my own but you snatched him too! Sharanya apologizes to her but gets slapped instead. You first snatched Vyom from me, then my happiness and now my husband! Kill me too. Why did you spare me? Kill me! Police takes her outside as there is a call for her. She refuses to speak to anyone but has to.

Madhvi tells Vyom she knows he is behind this. You made a very big mistake by snatching my husband from me! He tells her to listen but she refuses. I did whatever you asked me to but not anymore! Now I will do what I have to. I will bring out your truth before everyone! He tells her to listen to him carefully. I have told everyone that Dad did everything. You too have to repeat this lie. She tells him she is ashamed of having given birth to a son like him. Now I tell everyone your truth. I will tell everyone everything! She cries. Vyom tells her something (in mute) and Madhvi gets serious. Sharanya looks on from outside. She pats Madhvi’s shoulder. I am really sorry Mom. Please forgive me Mom. Madhvi cries. Sharanya hugs her tight.

Madhvi writes a letter, signs it and is granted bail.

At Bedi House, everyone is crying at Rajan’s funeral. Chandni comforts Madhvi. Madhvi says you are the one who loved him honestly apart from me. We kept fighting our entire life for him but he left us today! They cry hugging each other. Suvarna enters. Chandni and Madhvi are shocked to see her. Shiv also comes there. Chandni walks up to Suvarna. You and Dhananjaya died in the accident? Suvarna denies. Rajan killed Dhananjaya and kept me chained in solitude for 25 years. She asks Madhvi if she remembers anything. Cry as much as you want to as this is the result of your karmas! Madhvi is about to fall but Suvarna holds her. Shiv tells his mother to stop. Why break what’s already broken? Suvarna tells Madhvi it is over maybe. You sinned less than Rajan. He asked you to kill my son after killing Dhananjaya but you left him in the temple in Kapali Hills instead. Rajan killed him after 25 years though!

Precap: Suvarna tells Vyom she is pained to see a son like him in so much pain. You must accept this. Vyom looks at the burning pyre. Sorry Dad. I got the property and Sharanya too will be mine very soon! I am going to be the luckiest man alive on earth!

Update Credit to: Pooja


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