Kasam 27th March 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rishi asking AK what he is doing in his room. AK says he was checking the closets and wants to get it made. Netra silently leaves. Rishi says when I used to come to your house, I never tried to check where is Tanuja’s room etc. AK says you are thinking me wrong and leaves. Rishi thinks what he was doing here. Netra comes infront of AK and instigates AK to get Tanuja. She says my situation is much better than you, I have Rishi and Tania with me. AK sits to have food with everyone. Netra asks do you want anything. AK says salad. Tanuja passes it on. Beeji says food is good. Netra says it is made by Tanuja. Rishi asks Tanuja what happened to your hand and holds her hand. AK gets jealous. He comes home. Maasi asks AK why he is upset since Tanuja left. Rohit says he is upset. AK says my

life is gone, how can I live. He says I can get any girl, but not Tanuja. I am afraid that she will see love in my eyes for her, my life, love and happiness, my princess everyone is gone. He says Tanuja is happy. He says Rishi held her hand, I saw her jhumkas on his bed and says they are together.

Maasi says they are husband and wife. AK says he loved Tanuja when she was a girl, later she became mother etc. He says Tanuja loves me like a friend. Netra thinks now AK will be hurt, he will do what I wants and smirks. She says if he calls me or not, but our motive is same. Later AK apologizes to Maasi. Maasi asks AK to tell tanuja to confesses his love to Tanuja and get her. She gives him wrong guidance and asks him to get her, if he really loves her.

Rishi is doubtful about AK and recalls his behavior. Tanuja asks what is going on in his mind. Rishi says AK’s behavior was changed as he misses you. Tanuja says we stayed with him since so many years and he misses me as I was his caretaker. She says he is very cute and honest. Rishi says can’t you find any strange behavior in him. Tanuja says he is chill out since the beginning and says you are saying as if he has become bad. Tanuja says Natasha was his everything. Just then AK comes there with Natasha and says she called him. He takes her to have icecream. They leave. Tanuja asks Rishi to think good and don’t let negative thoughts come in mind.

AK and Natasha have icecream. AK asks Natasha to come home with him to meet Myra and says Rohit is in the house today. Natasha says ok, drop me home soon. Rishi asks Tanuja about Natasha and says it is late. Tanuja asks him to call and talk to her. Natasha is playing with AK, Myra and Rohit in the former’s house. She says she will go, but AK emotionally blackmails her and asks her to be with him for sometime. Rishi calls AK and asks about Natasha. AK tells him that Natasha won in the game and don’t want to come back. Rishi insists to talk to Natasha, but AK says she is running all around in the house and he will make her talk to him. He disconnects the call. Myra gets doubtful about her behavior. Rishi asks Tanuja if she misses me. Tanuja says she will miss you now, but not after few days as she will have a boyfriend. Rishi gets tensed. Tanuja laughs and asks him to get ready for this situation and says girls grow so soon. Rishi says I will not be ready and says his daughter will always be small.

Myra asks AK why did you lie to Rishi. AK says he did what was right and says he is ready to try to get Tanuja back. Myra is shocked.

Myra tells AK that Tanuja will not come back as she don’t love you. Ak angrily tells her that Tanuja will be back for her love for princess.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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