Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira running to save the idol. He says its our hope, we won’t let it break. They run out and see the idol intact. They smile. Naira gets ready. She says there is much work. He asks her to take a deep breath. He makes her ready and says you are looking very beautiful like always, we decided we won’t tell anyone, but everyone will understand seeing your sad face. She says sorry. He asks her to just smile.

Dadi asks what. Doctor says I m going to London for two months, my team will look after Kirti and Naira. Dadi says we are going for Gangaur puja, we will then come to clinic. Doctor says I m also going for puja, we will meet on ghat, are both Kirti and Naira coming. Dadi says yes. Dadi tells Suwarna that doctor wants to meet them. She asks

Kirti to message Devyaani that she won’t keep the fast. Kirti messages. Naksh comes. Dadi welcomes him. Naksh says sorry for disturbing you, everyone wanted me to feed this halwa to Kirti. Kirti thinks what would be Devyaani thinking after reading my message. Naksh says no one wants you to keep fast, my work is to feed you at regular intervals, so that you don’t feel weak. Naira and Kartik get their idol, followed by Naksh and Kirti. Suhana calls Suwarna.

She says I have observed fast for Shubham, shall I come on ghat for puja if you permit. Dadi signs no to Suwarna. Rajshri says both the girls look lovely. Devyaani sees Kirti. Baisa asks is there any mannat for child. Rajshri says maybe they want to share their responsibilities and made this balance scales. Baisa blesses them. Bhabhimaa says Naksh didn’t like lifting idols before. Naksh smiles. Devyaani says I read message, how did you have this misunderstanding, we are also mothers, women, you think we have no sense, anyways, lets not discuss this to ruin the mood, go and do puja with Naksh. Lav and Kush ask Kartik to come. Kartik jokes on ladies’ shopping. Kids ask him to get scolding from Naira. Naira says let me perform puja, don’t disturb. He sees idol’s hand breaking down. He shows her. Everyone looks on. Kartik and Naira tie a mauli thread and fix the idol’s hand. Everyone smiles.

Naira cries and prays. Rajshri says my word got true, great. Bhabhimaa says the baby who will be born to them will be lucky. Dadi smiles. Naira sings prem ka aisa rang…. and dance with everyone. Dadi thinks why is Kartik around Naira since morning. Naksh blocks sunlight for Kirti. She smiles. Dadi says doctor said but if she doesn’t come…..Surekha says we will call her home or we will visit her. Naksh and Kirti dance a bit. Doctor comes and sees Naira dancing. She thinks Naira is indeed brave, there are just 5 % chances and even then she didn’t leave hope, very good Naira, all the best. She sees Dadi and goes to her. Naira turns and sees the doctor. She worries. She stops Kartik and tells him. He asks are you sure she was here. She says yes, if she tells this to family. He says family would be hurt. Suhana gets the idol walking on her knees.

Aryan and Rahul come along. Everyone sees Suhana. Suhana greets Dadi. Aryan says Suhana has kept fast for me, thanks for letting her come. Suwarna requests Dadi. Suhana says I will complete my Pariknama and come. Naira calls the doctor and asks are you at Gangaur ghat, can you meet me. She sees the doctor waving. Doctor says I was going to meet you, I spoke to Suhasini ji. Naira says we didn’t tell her anything. Kartik says I stopped her as Dadi would be really hurt. Naira says everyone is happy for Kirti, I don’t want to upset them, I m trying my best to do what you said. Kartik says this is our problem. Doctor says that’s sweet, there are less conceiving chances for Naira. Dadi is on a ride with kids. She hears this and gets shocked. Doctor says but she may conceive by your support. Kartik holds Naira. They go. Dadi looks on.

Dadi goes down the lake. Kartik and Naira get shocked and run to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: OU


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