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Kundali Bhagya 28th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Rakhi was confused about Karan’s behavior outside in the hall. Karan says he attempted to save Preeta’s respect. He would always shield her whenever her character comes to question, and since Prithvi blamed her she shouldn’t be married to him. Rakhi didn’t understand but Rishab seconds Karan. They send Rakhi to sleep promising to talk about it tomorrow.
Prithvi was with Sherlin. He was furious as he had to apologize that Sarla. He wonders if Karan is behind his Preeta and has fallen for him. Sherlin clarifies only she is his, not that Preeta. Prithvi was determined to be clear to Karan to stay away from Prithvi. Sherlin calms Prithvi down, he should focus on his engagement right now; and she must marry Rishab to revenge him for Prithvi. Prithvi says it’s important for him to know what’s

going in Karan’s mind. He will do something tomorrow that will shake everyone. He doesn’t even share his plan with Sherlin.
Early next morning, Sarla gets a call from Rakhi. Rakhi was overlooking the breakfast arrangements and speaks to Sarla for something important. She says she wanted to share her heart out with her, it seems the matter was resolved tomorrow. There is something in her sons’ mind, it appeared Karan and Rishab hold some tension in their hearts for Prithvi. May be Prithvi’s heart isn’t cleared as well. She doesn’t want any differences between their children, they must go for some outing so that their hearts are cleared. Sarla asks Rakhi for a suggestion. Rakhi asks to organize a get together so that they all meet somewhere. Sarla agrees. Shrishti comes to inform Sarla that Prithvi and his parents came. Rakhi was happy to hear and convince Sarla to speak to them about the outing. She says she will convince Karan, Rishab and Sherlin. They must attempt to make this get together successful. After the call, Sarla tells Shrishti to take care of cooker. Shrishti moves the pressure cooker, then throws water over it. Preeta comes to scold Shrishti for never helping in kitchen. Shrishti says she would marry in a house where there are a lot of servants. Preeta teases her for Sameer. Outside Sarla greets Prithvi and his mother. Prithvi assures Sarla he was scolded by his mother for what happened yesterday and promises it will never happen again. Prithvi’s mother was apologetic to Sarla and promises to keep Preeta as her daughter. Sarla says she was worried and its better they came over today. Prithvi shy saying his mother sense he has fallen for Preeta. Prithvi’s mother says she has seen him so shy for the first time. Prithvi was bored by all the acting to impress Sarla. Pandit ji arrives then. Prithvi says his mother called him, they wished to fix the date of engagement. Sarla goes to get the birth chart while Preeta serves tea to everyone. Prithvi holds Preeta’s hand and says they will soon get engaged, if she is happy? Preeta was nervous. Prithvi says she will completely be his after engagement, only he will have a right over her then. Shrishti goes to interfere with a plate of snacks for Prithvi. Preeta takes Shrishti inside to speak to her.
At Luthra’s house Sameer thinks about Shrishti talking about a misunderstanding. He comes to Karan’s room and helps him with his workout. Karan asks why he looks upset. Sameer confirms Karan if Shrishti said she loves Karan or Sameer. Karan was clear she took Sameer’s name. He advises Sameer to give the least importance to girls and take him as role model. Sameer teases Karan by Preeta’s name. He asks Karan for tips to be a girl’s hero without speaking to her? Karan confirms if it’s Shrishti? Sameer denies saying he doesn’t love Shrishti, she loves him. Karan asks if he is fooling Karan Luthra.
Sarla looks for birth chart in Janki’s room having forgotten Janki couldn’t speak. Janki lay in the bed awake and tries to speak when Sarla tells her about Prithvi and mother fixing engagement date. Sarla was concerned and asks if Janki wants to share something?

PRECAP: Prithvi says he would torture Preeta as much as she wouldn’t have dreamt of. Janki stared at him and kicks him from the back. Prithvi fell over the floor. Sarla comes in hearing the noice.

Update Credit to: Sona


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