Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th March 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajshri praising Suhana for her pariknama. Baisa says just women will go ahead for puja from here. Gangaur song plays….. The women go to the ghat and place the idols to perform the rituals. Naira sees her idol and thinks of Kartik. Kartik sees her. They all leave the diyas in water and immerse the idols. Naira signs Kartik and cries. Kartik goes to her and holds her hand. They together immerse the idol in the water. They pray to Lord to not let their try go in vain. Dadi recalls doctor’s words and walks down the stairs. She goes towards the ghat and steps in water. Everyone sees her and get shocked. Kartik and Naira shout Dadi and rush to her. Naksh also runs to stop Dadi. Kartik pulls back Dadi and asks where are you going, what happened. Dadi looks around.

Kartik says please come with me, what happened. Rajshri says thank God, children stopped her. They all ask what happened. Baisa says don’t ask now, talk to her later. Kartik says Dadi you were fine, what happened suddenly. Rahul signs Suhana. She says sorry Dadi, I didn’t know you will feel bad by my coming, say something, what happened. Dadi goes.

Kartik and Naira go after her. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani send Naksh and Kirti with them. Suhana says the old woman ruined the plan, did she find out about us. Rahul says no, else she would have exposed us Dadi goes and locks the door. Everyone asks her to open the door. Dadi says leave me alone. She cries. Naira says I don’t know what has made Dadi upset. Lav and Kush say Dadi was happy when we had a ride with her. Naira says nothing happened to her. Kirti says did Baisa… Naksh says no, Baisa was so worried for Dadi. Manish says mum felt bad by something. He looks at Aryan. Akhilesh asks why did you call Aryan. Aryan asks what did I do, I didn’t invite Suhana, Suwarna called her. Dadi thinks of doctor’s words. A little boy holds her. Dadi asks who are you. The boy says your junior Kittu, you didn’t even recognize me. She says sorry, I want you to come and must in my lap, I will feed you by my hands, just come to me. He asks but how, Lord hasn’t answered your prayers yet, I just came to meet you, I have to go now. He goes. Dadi looks around and cries. She says when will Lord answer my prayer, why is this happening with Kartik.

Naira asks her to open the door, Kirti isn’t eating anything, talk to her. Kartik says yes, we tried a lot. Dadi says tell Naksh, he will convince her. Kartik says she is not listening to anyone. He says Naira I think she understood. Naira insists and sas we are breaking the door now. Kartik asks how can we open the door like this. She says Dadi will worry and open the door, we can’t wait, I m worried. She counts. Dadi opens the door. Naksh says I have to go Kirti, I have work, tell me if you need anything. Dadi comes and stops him. She gets the puja plate and makes Naksh sit. She gives shagun to Kirti and Naksh. She says sorry Naksh, I had requested you to let Kirti stay here for few days, now I request you to take her home. Kirti asks why, what did I do. Dadi says I m not angry with you, I m doing this for you, go home, I will call you after some days. Naksh and Kirti leave.

Manish asks the matter, they are tensed. Dadi says I don’t want to talk. She goes. Surekha says I m sure someone has told about Kirti’s pregnancy and mum got tensed since doctor is going London for two months. Naira tries to know what happened to Dadi. She says I don’t think matter is related to Kirti, Dadi is behaving like she got a shock, if anything happened to her, we can’t ignore this. Kartik says right, but we shouldn’t pressurize her more, she will tell us when she wants, she has calmed down, you also calm down, have this oats. She says I don’t like its taste. He asks her to have it. She says its yummy, did you have it. He says no. She says you won’t get it. He says I have made it and tastes. He dislikes the taste.

He says sorry. She says why, its so tasty. He gets a message and says there is a conference call at the time of your walk, early morning. She says so what, I will go, I have a partner. He asks who. She smiles. Naira says it was so much fun, Kartik should have been here. Naitik says then we will go home stress free, tell me how is Dadi. Naira says don’t know, she is fine, she went out, maybe temple. He says we can never understand elders’ fear and worry. They take coconuts. He smiles and says Akshara and I used to come for morning walks when Naksh was coming, just a parent can feel this, how we were waiting for Naksh’s birth, when you experience this, you will know about it. She cries. He shows a plant and asks her to make a wish. He goes to car to get wallet for paying the man. Naira prays that their courage doesn’t break. She sees Dadi coming out of the hospital. Dadi leaves in the car. Naira thinks why did Dadi come to hospital.

Dadi says you didn’t tell us, but I got to know, I m asking about the truth. Naira says that my conceiving chances are too less.

Update Credit to: Amena


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