Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 29th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Odhni starts her chants yet again and Shiv winces in pain. Sharanya panics. Vyom also comes there. Is everything fine? Is Shiv ok? Sharanya shares that he has turned unconscious. Call Odhni. Vyom calls Odhni asking her to come over right away. Suvarna looks on.

Odhni checks Shiv. He gains conscious. Sharanya asks him if he is fine. Vyom gestures Odhni to begin. She tells him she helped Shiv today but she wont be able to do it for long. I told Sharanya he will be in a lot of pain. You kept him here for yourself but we don’t know what all he will have to go through! He isn’t where he should be. Vyom tells her he called here to find a way to stop Shiv here. She says I did as you told me to. Shiv’s cap, photograph, I am helping you in every way but it isn’t in my or anyone else’s

control now. Shiv must go! Shiv refuses to leave. Sharanya tells the same to Vyom. Vyom keeps signalling Odhni. She takes the cue and announces that they cannot go against the laws of nature. This pain will only keep increasing. Shiv does not mind bearing it. I finally got Sharanya, Ma and my friend who I yearned for my entire life. I got that happiness after death. Ia m ready to roam as a spirit all my life for them. I don’t want to lose them now. I don’t want to go. Vyom asks Sharanya what Shiv is saying. She tells him. Vyom is irked that he is refusing to leave the house. Rati comes there to tell everyone that Madhvi is leaving the house.

Vyom calls out to his mother while she is keeping her bag in the car. Sharanya and Suvarna come as well. Vyom acts to stop her. I lost Dad already. I don’t want to lose you. Madhvi says you dint lose anything. You got a new family now and Shiv is also staying with you. You don’t need me anymore. Stay happy with your new family! Suvarna tells Madhvi she shouldn’t leave Vyom now especially when he needs her all the more. Madhvi replies that he does not need her. I cannot see your faces anymore especially his. He has killed my husband! Vyom asks her to share where she is off to. She tells him it is none of her business. The car stops before it can leave from Bedi House. Madhvi asks the driver if he does not know how to drive the car. Rajan removes his cap and smiles at her at the rear view mirror. Madhvi smiles happily. They have a sweet reunion.

Suvarna is in tears thinking of Shiv’s pain. Shiv asks her why she is crying. She asks him how he knew she was here and crying. He says I don’t know. I just felt you aren’t alright and need me. She reaches out for his face but gets sad. Time is joking with me. I spent 25 years in that shelter and shouted to God to send someone to hear my cries. God heard my prayers and sent you but you aren’t with me in reality! I got my son after 25 years but I cannot hug him! He asks her if she is crying because of this. she shakes her head. I am crying knowing how much pain you are in. I cannot see you in pain. He reasons that everyone gets the pain. Humans feel their kind of pain while spirits feel their kind of pain. I got everything. I am fine. She knows he isn’t fine. It cannot be as you are a spirit. You must leave! Odhni is right. He insists he is fine but she tells him to understand that he does not belong here. You are a spirit. It must be freed. We cannot refuse this truth! He refuses to go anywhere leaving his love, his friend and mother. I cannot leave all this. I wont go anywhere. She tells him to understand that his motive for staying here is complete. Now you must return to your family.

Vyom calls Madhvi. She scolds him to stop calling her again and again. I told you I don’t want to talk to you! He tells her to stop her acting. No one is around. Did you like the driver? She smiles in agreement. Very much! She points out that what they are doing is very risky. What if someone doubts us? He says no one can doubt it. Everyone has believed you very easily. The ladies of the house have gone to temple to pray so that the peace of the house isn’t disturbed. Everything is going like Dad and I planned. Rajan thanks him for following the plan. I thought you will cheat me and your mom after what I saw in that cabin but I was relieved when I saw Freddy outside the ambulance. Vyom assures him he has planned everything. I got your fake passports ready. You will be able to leave the country soon. Till that time, you must avoid getting caught by anyone. Rajan asks him what he will do next. Vyom says I have to send Shiv back and get my Sharanya! They end the call.

Suvarna tells Shiv that Sharanya was his love. She is someone else’s wife today. He asks her what she means. She is pained to tell him the harsh reality but this is the law of nature. Only a human being can unite with another human being which is why you cannot stay here anymore. You are a spirit! You must return to your world! You are bound by some obligations. You cannot protect Sharanya and love her like Vyom. Shiv shares that Sharanya does not love Vyom. Suvarya knows it already. She wont be able to do it till you are around her. She wont be able to come out of her past till then. Don’t you want her to move on and be happy? She has stopped seeing dreams like an ordinary girl since you are here. What did she get? Till when will she live like this? You love her right? Don’t be so selfish. Free her from your love. Shiv remembers Sharanya’s words. She wont be able to live without me. Suvarna is sure time will teach her everything. You know Vyom can take care of her. He got a bullet to save Sharanya. You couldn’t do it being a spirit. Vyom can do anything for Sharanya’s sake. It is time for you to go. It is time that you get freedom and Sharanya gets a new life. I cannot see either of you in pain. Shiv thinks of all the times when he couldn’t save her. Shiv agrees with her sadly. It’s time for me to leave!

Precap: Sharanya, Shiv and Suvarna are at Shiv’s pyre. Vyom tells Sharanya it is her right to bid adieu to Shiv. Sharanya prays that she can hug him and feel him once. She runs towards him and actually ends up holding him. She shouts in surprise. I can hug you and feel you! Vyom looks on.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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