Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Myra telling AK that he can’t get Tanuja as her destiny is with Rishi. AK asks Myra not to talk to him. Myra says it is unfair. AK says everything is fair in love and war and asks her not to give him lecture like elders and be his little sister. Tanuja is in the temple and asks Servant to bring the stuff from car. She gives Prasad and other stuff to poor. AK comes there and looks at her. Tanuja gives him Prasad and asks how come you are here. You don’t go to temple. AK says my car stopped on the way and says it was good as I got a chance to meet you. Tanuja asks didn’t you flirt with others. Rishi comes there and says my car is fine, and tells that AK came there intentionally, and says you felt bad when I held her car, and went to my room and was checking my almari to confirm

if we stay here. AK asks Tanuja what is all this. AK says I met her by mistake and will not meet again, she is my friend and says she is your wife. Rishi says your friend. Tanuja asks Rishi to stop it. Just then mechanic comes there. AK asks him to check the car. He asks Tanuja to take care of Natasha and herself. Tanuja scolds Rishi and asks him to apologize to AK. Rishi feels bad and goes to talk to AK. Mechanic tells AK that the car is fine. AK says I know and gives him money.

Rishi comes to AK and says sorry. Ak says you thought that I came to meet Tanuja and made excuse. He says you are right that I came here to meet Tanuja, I didn’t like to see you and Tanuja together and says whatever you thought is right. Rishi says I will tell Tanuja. AK cuts his wrist and laughs, says Rishi you have beaten me. He says Tanuja will thought you wrong, and then you both will have a fight. Rishi is shocked and grabs his tshirt. AK says if you beat me then Tanuja will save me, and says I will tell Tanuja that you have invited me for the party and says he will come for his love. Rishi is shocked.

Ahana and Manpreet give gifts to Raj and Rano. Rano says you remember. Ahana says we went to exhibition and brought it. Manpreet tells Raj that the deal was cancelled. Ahana says it was good for us.

Tanuja comes to Rishi. Rishi is lost in thoughts. Tanuja asks if he apologized to AK and asks if he is coming to party. Rishi nods. Tanuja says thank god matter is settled and asks why did he think that. Rishi says I want to talk to you. Servant calls Tanuja and she goes.

Raj and Rano asks Ahana and Manpreet if everything is fine between them. Ahana and Manpreet says everything is fine. They pretend to be good terms and feed each other. AK knocks on the car. Netra comes out and tells that she is staying with Rishi for 8 years and now…she knows about his likes and dislikes. AK says he don’t want her ideas and knows what to do. He says he is waiting for the small blast which will happen tonight and then Rishi and Tanuja will go back from where they started. Netra asks him to tell what is his plan? AK laughs and asks do you really loved Rishi. He says Rishi never told that he loves you and asks if she is living with him because they have a daughter. Netra thinks he doesn’t know that Tania is my daughter and asks him to concentrate on his plan. AK says today something will happen which Rishi and Tanuja haven’t thought even in their dreams. Tanuja asks Rishi to get up and says Rano and Raj will come. Rishi tells her that AK told him that he will get her and marry her. Tanuja is shocked.

Rishi asks AK to enjoy the party and leave and not to come again to his house again. AK looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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