Naamkaran 29th March 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni does not agree with KK’s parents to get Saisha married to him. Avni argues with KK’s parents for the marriage. Kamini keeps on arguing with Avni for Saisha’s marriage while Saisha disagrees with them. KK tries to explain Avni while she tells him that she is not mature enough to understand his love and says that she is just his fan. Kamini asks her to call Saisha and ask her. Meanwhile, Neil also starts arguing with his mom for Saisha. Shweta bursts in anger and she calls Saisha a characterless girl. Neil gets furious and he shouts saying that she is our Mishti. Avni comes to talk to Saisha and she tells Avni that she loves KK. Avni tells her that she knows nothing about love. Saisha locks herself in a room. KK tells Kamini that he loves Saisha.

Avni asks Saisha to open the door and not to blackmail her. Kamini plans to convince Avni for Saisha and KK’s marriage. Meanwhile, Avni asks everyone to get aside and she kicks the door. Neil tells his family that despite of being alive Avni left us. Avni bursts on Saisha. Saisha asks Avni to talk to KK once.


Shweta takes all the things of Avni and gets ready to destroy it while Neil comes and stops her from doing so.


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