Naamkaran: ‘Button’ Romance Coming Up for Avni & Neil

The current track of Star Plus’s show Naamkaran is showcasing some tough times for Avni as Neil has returned to her life but he no longer wants to keep any kind of relationship with her. Neil is furious with Avni for staying away from him for 10 years by faking her own death. Neil decides to go away from Avni’s life forever but destiny brings the two of them together once again. In the upcoming episodes of the show, it will be seen that Avni and Neil’s paths will cross once again because of KK and Saisha’s engagement function.

Neil convinces Avni to accept KK and Saisha’s alliance and therefore KK’s family organizes a Roka function for the couple. Viewers will now get to see that Avni and Neil will come together amid the engagement ceremony but Neil will keep his distance form Avni. A cute moment will arrive between the two as Neil’s jacket button will break and Avni will offer to stich it for him. Neil and Avni will both recall their past moments together and share an eyelock. However, Neil will snap out of his past and will refuse to let Avni help him out. Moreover, Neil will ask Avni to leave from there and Avni will be hurt seeing Neil’s rudeness towards her. Will Avni be able to win back Neil’s love and trust?


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