Naamkaran 3rd April 2018 Episode Written Update

Kamini asks Avni whether she isn’t Saisha’s real mom. Avni says that she is Saisha’s legal guardian and not her mother. Kamini acts panicked. Media reports that KK is getting engaged to an orphaned girl. DD sees the informer and wonders what he is doing in the function. Kamini asks Avni why she lied and Avni says that she never told her she is Saisha’s mother. Kamini say that Saisha lied. Kamini says that she will not let her superstar son marry an orphan. Neil asks Kamini to calm down. KK asks Saisha what is the truth. Kamini also demands truth from Saisha. Saisha says that she lied. Saisha says that she is an orphan and she does not know about her real parents. Shweta asks Bebe to dress up and go for Mishti’s engagement. Bebe wonders whether Avni also misses them as much as they miss her. Shweta says that she will go for the Roka function although they are not invited.

Kamini tells KK that Saisha is a cheat. Rahil asks media to leave. Kamini says that all this is a game plan to get money from high society people. Kamini tells Saisha that her blood is bad. Avni asks Kamini to mind her words. KK is upset and Saisha asks him to listen to her once. Rahil asks Kamini to sit down and settle the matter. Kamini says that she does not want to talk to them as they are low class people. Kamini says this alliance cannot be done. Avni takes Saisha away from there. As Avni and Saisha leave with Neil, Neil’s family meets them outside. Avni gets emotional seeing all of them. Later, Avni reaches home and Bebe and Shweta think to talk to her later seeing that she is with Saisha. Avni confronts Saisha and asks her why did she lie. Saisha says that KK would never accept her knowing she is an orphan. Saisha asks Avni to help her. Avni tells Saisha that she will never get respect in that house. Avni tells Saisha that she lied and made her embarrassed. KK and Kamini give media interview. Kamini says that Saisha trapped them. KK says that he believed Saisha. Kamini says that Saisha wanted to become singer and wanted to use KK to reach the top. KK tries to defend Saisha but Kamini interrupts him. KK and Rahil leave the interview. Kamini asks media person whether he has any information on Nilanjana. Media person gives a file to Kamini and tells him that Nilanjana is actually Avni whose father was film director Ashish Mehta and her mother was actress Aisha Haider. Media person says that Avni’s husband is Neil Khanna who was a cop. Kamini gets shocked hearing all this. Avni sees her news on TV and gets shocked. Saisha tells Avni that she cheated them by changing her name. Saisha asks why she lied to all of them. Saisha accuses Avni of running away from her love. Saisha keeps accusing Avni. Neil asks Saisha to shut up. Neil says that Avni did all this for her so she could lead a normal life. Neil asks Avni tell her everything. Avni admits that she is Avni Aisha and she is not a coward as she has fought against big enemies.  Avni says that she had to fake her death and go away from Neil. Avni tells Saisha that her real name is Mishti and she had to take her and run away and she had danger from someone. Mishti says that she does not remember anything. Avni says that she named her after her mother Aisha.

Precap: Saisha tells Avni that KK will accept her once she gets a surname. Avni tells her that she has already given her a name. Saisha says that she wants a surname and asks Avni to adopt her. Avni says she will never let this happen.


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