Tu Aashiqui 4th April 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Ahaan coming to his room and seeing Pankti sleeping. He smiles and removes her sandals. Kaira asks Aparna not to refuse if her job gets finalized. Aparna says fine. She asks Manav will Vikram accept Ahaan and Pankti’s relation. Manav says hopefully, come, we have to start marriage preparations from tomorrow. Anita comes home. Aparna asks her to come in. Ahaan says I have made you wait, you came here to my room, wow, I will switch off the lights. JD looks on and says when she gets conscious, she won’t know if she was with me or her lover boy. He smiles and goes. Ahaan sits by Pankti and says you took a bold step. Pal do pal… plays…. He clicks selfies with her. Anita says it was late so I thought to pick up Pankti. They get shocked. Aparna asks what are you saying.

Anita says we agreed for marriage, but marriage didn’t happen yet, please call her, its late, she shouldn’t be with Ahaan at this time. Pankti wakes up and says you here…. Ahaan says yes, its me and my room. She recalls JD’s words. Ahaan asks what happened, did you see any bad dream, you surprised and messaged me, then you slept. Anita says its fine, they can meet as relation is fixed, please call Ahaan. JD asks is Pankti here.

Ahaan shows messages. Pankti says what, I didn’t message this. Ahaan asks seriously. JD says Pankti didn’t tell us she is here. Aparna asks him not to talk such. Vikram asks what, is Pankti here, what’s Anita doing here. Anita says so what, Pankti came to meet Ahaan, call her. JD says Sheetal didn’t get fine and they started enjoying here. Manav signs Aparna to go. Pankti says I don’t remember anything. Ahaan asks don’t you remember anything, did you had wine to celebrate our marriage getting fixed. He jokes. Pankti asks him to stop joking. He says you are fooling me, remember aunty called us to talk about marriage, its next month. Aparna prays that Pankti isn’t here. Ahaan asks didn’t you come to celebrate with me. Aparna comes to Ahaan’s room and knocks. Pankti stops Ahaan and says if Aparna knows I m here then….

Ahaan says so what, I will tell her you came to meet me, relax. He opens the door. Aparna sees Pankti. She asks you here with Ahaan, does your family not know, come with me, Anita came to take you. Vikram asks why are they taking so much time. Aparna gets Pankti downstairs. JD and Anita smile. Kaira says the future groom and bride, we should give them privacy. Anita says I told you Aparna, Pankti will be with Ahaan. Vikram says Pankti is using what she learnt from you. Ahaan shouts stay in your limits Vikram. Anita says what’s there to get angry, Pankti has a right to meet her would be husband. She takes Pankti. Ahaan signs Pankti to go.

Pankti comes home. Poorva hugs her and says congrats, you didn’t answer me, I was waiting. Pankti says I don’t know what happened with me. She asks Anita what happened after she dropped her to Ahaan’s house. Anita says nothing, prepare for marriage. Pankti asks why was I not there. Anita says you don’t need to know, I did this for your betterment. Pankti asks how did I reach Ahaan’s room, why don’t I remember, what did you do. Anita says I did this on JD’s saying. They get shocked. Pankti recalls JD’s words and cries.

Pankti asks why. Anita says I told you I will find a way to end our problems, I will settle you permanently. Pankti asks so did you sell me to JD again. Poorva asks why did you do this, we thought you changed. Anita says yes, that was my mistake, JD is powerful, he ruined us in one day, JD is an animal but there are many wolves hidden in this society, just JD can save you, JD didn’t do anything with you. JD drinks and sees Pankti’s pics. Pankti says it means you knew JD won’t do anything, why did he inject me to faint, I have to tell Ahaan. Anita asks did you go mad, will you trouble him more, what will you say when nothing happened. JD says whatever happened, it was good fun. Anita asks won’t you know if anything happened with you, you want to get rid of JD, there is just one way, forget everything and start preparing for your marriage, don’t let JD come in your way again. She goes.

Pankti cries. Ahaan asks what happened. Kaira jokes about his bidaai. Ahaan asks Aparna to find a guy for Kaira. JD says Pankti you will become mistress again.

Update Credit to: Amena


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