Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 6th April 2018 Episode Written Update

25 years later:

Madhvi cleans the dust off Vyom’s photo. She asks the servant to hurry up. Servant brings roses. Madhvi asks him to bring stargazers from anywhere. She only likes stargazers. Rajan comes there talking to some chaat vendor. He asks Madhvi if all the preps are done. She nods. I dint miss anything. She is coming after 8 years after all. The excitement is so big. He reasons that it is justified as they raised her like their own daughter. She gets serious. You never let her stay near me. You kept her away from me always. He reminds her that he kept her away not from her but from that house. I did it for her sake only. He notices Vyom’s photo there. I told you not to have anything in the house which reminds of him. She tells him to let go but he sets fire to Vyom’s photo. He

gets call from someone and tells Madhvi her Princess is here.

A girl walks enters in the main gate. I am outside our old house (Bedi House). Rajan and Madhvi panic as to why she went there. The girl asks them to come over right away. I am going inside. She shouts seeing something in the house. Madhvi and Rajan panic. Did she meet her old fear there? They leave for Bedi House.

The scene where Vyom shot himself is shown.

Rajan and Madhvi come to Bedi House. They ask the girl to answer where she is. Madhvi notices the bag. He goes upstairs to check while Madhvi checks downstairs. The girl scares Madhvi. She sees Sharanya’s copy in the girl and begins to take Sharanya’s name when the girl corrects her it is Shivani. I am your beloved daughter, your princess and the apple of your eye! Rajan also meets her. Why did you have to come here? We told you we don’t live here anymore. She wanted to enjoy the homelike feeling after returning to India so she came here. I shouted seeing a monster spider the moment I opened the door. They heave a sigh of relief. We got scared hearing your scream. Why did you come here? We don’t come here anymore. We left this place years back. She nods. It was because of me as I used to get scared a lot. Flashback shows little Shivani shouting in shock in the past upon noticing some shadow on the floor.

Shivani assures her parents she has grown up now. I want to spend the remaining days of my stay here. I will move back to London after wedding. They are taken aback. Shivani shares that she studied in London and have chosen a son-in-law for them. Don’t worry. He is just like Dad. He keeps talking like you. He is very smart. He has done MBA. His business is set in London. I love him already and I am sure you both will love him too. They hear someone telling Shivani it is a nice house. Rajan and Madhvi turn to look at the guy who is entering in the house. They are stunned to see Vyom’s look alike. Rajan and Madhvi think of their past. Rajan stops Madhvi from taking Vyom’s name. Vyom’s look alike walks up to Rajan and Madhvi. I feel as if I have met you both earlier too. This house looks so familiar. Shivani tells him to shut up. She introduces Akash to her parents. Rajan hesitates in shaking hands with him. Akash compliments Madhvi. I now know from where Shivani got her good looks. He greets her but Rajan and Madhvi are too lost / confused to respond. Shivani asks them if they saw some ghost. Why are you both so shocked? Akash remarks that nothing shocks anyone like this. Shivani dint want to tell you guys about me over phone. We thought to meet you both personally to share this. If you know Shivani well then you would know she would choose me only. Shivani explains that they both are completely opposite. Opposites attract! You both went on silent mode. Akash gifts them a book. Shivani seriously tells her parents that this is Kaali Kitaab. It has a very old secret in it. Madhvi and Rajan recall their past.

Akash tells her to stop joking. I wrote everything about me in this diary. It has everything about me in short. My parents died in an accident years ago. Shivani supported me since then. Love was bound to happen. I proposed her and she said. Shivani happily says yes. Rajan agrees to read it but Shivani takes the diary. There cannot be a better guy than him. Rajan suggests going to their home. We will talk there at length. She calls Bedi House their home. He insists they don’t live here since years. She says I grew up here. I have many memories with this house and marry here. Someone looks from the keyhole. Rajan calls it impossible but Akash announces that the wedding will happen as per her wish. Rajan remembers Vyom’s sternness / madness for Sharanya in the past. He wonders what’s happening. Past is facing us right back. Either Shivani is unaware of the impending danger or there is something bigger. I am sure that that spirit (shadow) is right here!

Precap: Akash refuses to get engaged to Shivani saying that there is someone else in her life who he loves more than her. Shiv’s look alike comes and confesses his love to Shivani. Rajan and Madhvi look on in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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