Naamkaran 10th April 2018 Episode Written Update; Neil Gets Drunk!

Avni tells Sunehri that she failed to teach Saisha the difference between right and wrong. Avni thinks that she has just two ways, one is to become strict with them or else to handle this situation with sensitivity. Sunehri asks Avni to be by Saisha’s side and not keep her alone. Avni meets Saisha and Saisha apologizes to her and asks her to leave her. Avni says she can never leave her. Avni says that she will find a way. Saisha says that she has ruined everything. Avni calls Neil but cuts the call. Avni thinks that Saisha has to be strong and face the situation. Shweta tells Avni that Saisha is young and cannot handle this situation alone. Avni says that she is worried for Saisha and wants to make her strong. Shweta tells Avni that Saisha is not like her and will not be able to handle this problem. Shweta says that Saisha’s baby too will not be able to lead this life. Shweta asks Avni to get Saisha’s baby aborted.

Neil returns home at night drunk. Neil talks to his own picture. The light is not there and Avni comes from behind with a candle. Neil taunts Avni and asks her why she has come back. Avni tells Neil that she has to tell him something important and ask him to forget his anger for some time. Avni falls on Neil. Neil tells Avni he does not need her support and asks her not to try to be his wife. Neil pins Avni against the door and comes close to her. Neil tells Avni that she has lost all rights to tell him anything. Neil tells Avni to go away and he will lead his life by himself. Neil falls on the bed and keeps mumbling something and falls asleep. Avni puts blanket on Neil. Next morning, everyone stands by Saisha’s bed and Neil is very angry with KK for what he has done. Neil says he will not spare KK. Shweta and Bebe ask Neil to calm down. Shweta says that she is stupid to wait all night for KK. Saisha says that KK did not think about their future. Saisha says that she will not be able to raise this baby. Avni asks Saisha to come with her to hospital. Neil tries to stop Avni. Neil tells Avni that she cannot take such decisions in haste. Avni says that she has already made her decision. Avni takes Saisha to hospital and asks her to learn from her mistakes. Saisha sees a couple with a baby and gets emotional. Shweta tells Saisha that this is the only solution for her problems. Neil sees the kids sad and asks them what is the problem. Neil gets ice-cream for the kids and says all problems will be solved with ice-creams. Saisha gets checked by the nurse. Saisha thinks whether she is doing the right thing. Mowgli asks Neil whether Jaan Didi will forgive Saisha. Neil says she will as she loves her. Neil and Mowgli eat ice cream and both get it on their face. Doctor asks Saisha to come for the procedure and Saisha says she does not want to do it. Saisha says she does not want to lose her baby and does not want to punish the baby for her fault. KK suddenly comes there. and asks doctor to stop.

Precap: Prakash asks Neil to forgive Avni. Neil says he hates Avni.


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