Naamkaran 12th April 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni tells Sunehri that she cannot live in Mumbai anymore. Sunehri tells Avni that she can use her bank account now. Avni says that she cannot as all her bank accounts have been sealed. Avni fears that Vidyut must also have found out that she is alive. Avni wonders what they will do. Prakash comes there and asks Avni to stay back there and also offers to help with money. Avni says that she will handle the situation by herself as she is responsible for the orphanage kids. Prakash asks Avni to stay back till she gets a house. Avni agrees. Kamini gets the news about Avni’s sukoon house getting taken away from her and gets happy. Kamini tells Rahil that she will never accept Saisha. Kamini says that all this is Avni’s trick. Avni starts looking for houses but does not get anything. Avni talks on the phone to get a house soon. Avni asks Sunehri about Saisha and Sunehri says that Saisha is very happy in KK’s house. Sunehri asks Avni why she is not telling everyone the secret which she is hiding. Avni says that the secret will never be out till she dies.

Avni dashes against Mitali and some papers fall and Avni nervously picks them up. Mitali says she need something from cupboard. Mitali sees Neil’s uniform in the cupboard. Mitali tells Avni that Neil left the police duty as he blamed himself for not saving her. Avni says that Neil used to love her in the past. Avni says that Neil deserves love and only Mitali can give him that love. Avni asks Mitali not to give up on her love for Neil. Later, Avni is tensed for not finding a house. Neil asks Avni not to worry. Avni says that she does not want to give him any more pain. Avni serves food to Neil and then realizes that she is just imagining him. Avni gets a call from broker about a house which is little far. Avni says she will come to meet. The broker thinks he will complete Kamini’s work. Avni meets the broker       and he shows the house. Mowgli and other kids worry for Avni. Sunehri says that Mowgli should learn to live without Avni. Mitali comes there. Neil too comes and Bebe says that Avni has gone away since a long time. Neil says he knows where Avni has gone. Avni is with the broker and she starts feeling dizzy. Broker starts misbehaving with her. Avni beats the goons. Neil drives away and thinks that Avni is in danger. Avni escapes from the house but gets surrounded by the goons. Neil arrives there and Avni dashes into him. Neil beats up the goons. Neil sees that Avni is unwell. Neil hugs Avni and asks her what the goons gave her. Neil gets Avni in the car and worries for her. Prakash tells the family that Neil’s phone is out of reach. Neil comes home with Avni and everyone is shocked seeing Avni’s condition. Avni is made to lie on bed and Neil tells everyone that she has been given a drug.

Precap: Mitali tells Neil that Avni is the right woman for him. Neil says that Avni is no longer important in his life. Shweta tells Neil that he has to take a decision for Mitali and Avni’s sake.

Pic Credit: Adiza.Avneil


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