Naamkaran 13th April 2018 Episode Written Update

Neil’s family takes care of Avni while she is unconscious. Neil calls up the doctor. Mitali tells Neil to let her help him. Neil tells his family that doctor has informed that Avni needs rest and will be fine soon. Later, Neil sees Avni sleeping with the kids beside her. Sunehri sees Neil and she takes away the kids. Avni talks in her sleep and seems scared. Neil comes beside her and Avni hugs him. Neil asks Avni to relax as she is safe. Neil asks Avni why she went to such a place alone. Avni says that she dint know that she would get attacked as she had just gone to see a house. Avni and Neil have an argument as Neil accuses Avni of deliberately going away and being alone. Neil says that she should have discussed the problem with him once before leaving. Kamini’s friends ask her to give a party for her son’s wedding. Kamini calls Saisha to meet her friends. Kamini quietly asks Saisha why her earrings are mismatched and asks her to go back to her room. The friends ask about Saisha’s family. Kamini says she is an orphan. Kamini says she has been brought up by Neil’s wife Avni. The women taunt about Avni being an illegitimate and taunts that Saisha too may be an illegitimate child. Saisha scolds the women not to talk badly about Avni. The women get angry and leave. Kamini scolds Saisha for talking badly to her friends. Saisha says that she is right and therefore she stands by it.

Mitali comes to meet Neil and he is rude with her. Neil realizes his mistake and asks Mitali to tell what she wants. Mitali says that Avni is the only one who understands him. Neil says that there is nothing between him and Avni anymore and he only cares about her. Shweta comes and asks Mitali how is she. Shweta tells Neil that Mitali has low BP. Shweta asks Neil to take Mitali to doctor. Mitali says she will go by herself. Mitali leaves and Shweta tells Neil that he still loves Avni and therefore he does not want to realize that there is someone else who wants him. Shweta tells Neil to move forward for his, Avni and Mitali’s sake.  Sunehri tells Avni that Saisha had called but she did not tell her about her condition. Avni tells Sunehri that she has still not able to find a house. Sunehri tells Avni about a couple who wants to adopt Mowgli. Avni refuses and tells them to adopt some other child. Sunehri tells Avni that she will have to tell everyone the truth as people will want to know why Mowgli cannot be adopted. Avni asks Sunehri to give some excuse to the couple. Later, Prakash tells Avni that he will convert half the hosue into an orphanage and asks her to stay back. Avni says that she can no longer stay there as she does not want to be a burden. Neil scolds Avni and tells her that she is egoistic. Prakash and Bebe scold Neil for being rude to Avni. Neil blames Avni for putting her and children’s life at risk by roaming here and there. Avni says that she cannot stay longer as she is bothered about the children’s self-respect. Avni goes and tell Sunehri that they have to leave immediately. Neil’s family tells Neil that he has to stop Avni from leaving.

Precap: Avni tells Prakash that she has broken all bonds with Neil. Prakash tells Avni that she will have to reveal to everyone that Mowgli is her and Neil’s son.


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