Naamkaran 16th April 2018 Episode Written Update

Avni starts to leave the house along with the kids. Neil stops her. Neil tells Avni that she should not leave so late in the night with kids. Avni says that she can take responsibilities of the kids by herself. Neil apologizes to Avni saying that he said everything in anger and does not mean it. Neil tells Avni that the kids should not suffer in the fight between them. Shweta and Bebe come there and scold Neil and Avni for their fight. Mowgli sits down and says that he will rest till their fight gets over. Neil asks Avni to stay back till she finds a house. Avni agrees. Later, Neil goes to Avni’s room and says that he has got ice cream for her as she is stressed. Neil and Avni start eating ice cream. Neil comes near Avni and comes close to her and wipes the ice cream from her lip. Neil and Avni stare at each other. Neil says that the one whom he hates so much, he loved her earlier. Neil tells Avni that he cannot live without her and he cannot see her in pain. Neil says that he cannot lose her again and she is not allowed to go away from him. Neil tells Avni that he will keep her close to his heart forever. Neil hugs Avni.

Avni realizes it was her imagination. Neil tells Avni that this house is hers too and she can live as long as she wants. Later, Shweta tells Mitali that it is good that Avni agreed to stay back. Shweta says that Neil and Avni should resolve their problems maturely. Shweta says that Avni does not want to stay back in the house and she will never agree to stay back. Shweta feels that it is best that they separate from each other. Shweta says that Avni should get a house as she no longer wants to stay with Neil. Kids have lunch with Neil’s family. Everyone praises the paneer that Mitali has made. Neil likes the rajma and Mowgli says that Avni has made it. KK goes for a film screening. Saisha comes wearing heels. Saisha trips and Kamini scolds her for being irresponsible. KK says that they will not go anywhere. Kamini thinks that she is tolerating her only because she is carrying KK’s child. Bebe gets bhel for everyone. Bebe asks Avni too to join them. Avni sees Mowgli eating bhel and stops him from eating it. Avni says that Mowgli is allergic to peanuts. Prakash asks Avni whether Mowgli too has peanut allergy just like Neil. Avni says he has many allergies.  Prakash observes both Neil and Avni removing peanuts from the bhel. Mitali comes there and tells Avni that she has found a house for her. Mitali gets Avni to the house and says it is just like sukoon ghar. Avni thanks Mitali and says that she hopes all her wishes come true. All kids are very happy. Neil praises Mitali for doing a good thing. Prakash gets a call form police informing him that Vidyut is dead. Prakash informs the family about Vidyut’s death. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap: Prakash tells Avni that she will have to reveal to everyone that Mowgli is her and Neil’s son.


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