Naamkaran 17th April 2018 Episode Written Update

Neil asks Prakash what happened. Prakash says that Vidyut is dead. Prakash says that Vidyut was admitted in mental asylum. There was a fight between two groups and Vidyut died. Bebe and Shweta says that a good thing happened. Sunehri tells Avni that a good thing has happened as Vidyut troubled her a lot. Shweta asks Avni why she is tensed. Avni says that she will have to tell Saisha about Vidyut as she will have to do his last rites. Neil says that there is no use for all this as Vidyut was an animal and does not deserve last rites. Avni says that even criminal get a last rite. Avni says that Saisha needs to know her identity. Avni says that Saisha needs to do Vidyut’s last rites. Neil taunts Avni and tells her that she will only do what she thinks is right. Later, Neil tells family that Saisha will not be able to accept her truth. Avni goes to Saisha and KK’s house and tells them everything. Saisha asks Avni why she has told her the truth now. Saisha says that she is feeling bad that she is a demon’s daughter. Kamini comes there clapping her hands. Kamini says that first Saisha was an illegitimate and now she is a criminal’s daughter. Kamini asks Avni why did she have to tell the truth now. Avni says she needs to know the truth. Avni says that she wants Saisha to do Vidyut’s last rites. Kamini refuses for it. Avni says that Saisha will take the decision.

Next day, Saisha does Vidyut’s last rites. Saisha says that she has realized that she has done the right thing. Avni tells Saisha that she is not going to return to Kashid and will be living in Mumbai now. Neil gives gifts to the orphanage kids. Neil thanks Mitali for helping them find a house. Mitali tells Neil that these orphanage kids help Avni lead her life. Neil asks Mitali to get gadgets for the kids. Mitali says that Avni would not want gadgets for kids. Neil tells Mitali that she has understood Avni well. Neil says only he cannot understand her. Saisha returns to KK’s house but Kamini stops her from entering the house. Kamini scolds Saisha for doing the funeral despite her refusing for it. Kamini asks Saisha to return to Avni. KK comes there and says that Saisha will not go anywhere. KK says that Saisha belongs in their house. Kamini asks KK to choose between Saisha or this house. KK says that this hosue belongs to him too. KK says he does not care about Saisha’s past and therefore he will choose Saisha over everything. Kamini is shocked. Neil and Mowgli eat a snack and both get hiccups because of the chilies. Prakash observes them. Neil gives Mowgli a sweet and makes him say a tongue twister. Neil and Mowgli’s hiccups stop. Shweta and Bebe discuss about Neil and Avni and Avni hears them. Shweta says that Neil is stuck between their love and hatred. Shweta says that either they should be together or they should separate forever. Shweta says that Mitali too is stuck because of them. Shweta feels that Neil should give Mitali one chance. Avni hears all this. Avni goes to meet Neil. Avni says they have to resolve their problems. Neil says that this cannot be resolved by apologizing. Avni tells Neil that if he cannot forgive her then he should move on. Neil asks Avni how can he forget her. Neil says that his love is not weak. Neil tells Avni that she can move on but he cannot as she has always been with him. Neil looks at the mangalsutra on his hand. Avni says that it is time to free him. Avni breaks the mangalsutra.

Precap: Prakash tells Avni that she cannot hide blood relationship and she will have to reveal to everyone that Mowgli is her and Neil’s son.


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