Mehek to Be Sent to Brothel in Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zee TV’s popular show Zindagi Ki Mehek (Parin Multimedia) will see a new track with the protagonist Mehek (Samiksha Jaiswal) going through a major hurdle in her life!!

Yes, you heard it right!!

And that will come when Mehek will be forcibly sent to a brothel!!


A credible source tells us, “The story will take a new twist wherein Mehek will be sent by Anjali (Aanchal Khurana) to lead the life of a prostitute in a brothel.”

As we know, actor Samiksha Jaiswal was recently hospitalized after she suffered from food poisoning. Now with the actress getting better, she has resumed shoot.

The character of Mehek has faced innumerable challenges in her life and has overcome them with her hard work and perseverence.

Let’s see how Mehek goes through this challenge.

We buzzed actors but they remained unavailable for comment.


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