Naamkaran 20th April 2018 Episode Written Update

Neil says that he wants to marry Mitali. Shweta tells Bebe that this is the right decision. Avni and Sunehri look for Mowgli everywhere. Sunehri tells Avni that Mowgli must have gone to Neil’s house. Avni calls Shweta and asks her whether Mowgli has come there. Shweta gets worried for Mowgli. Neil says that he will go and search for Mowgli. Prakash gets very tensed. Shweta worries for him. Prakash wonders how he will tell her that Mowgli is their grandchild. Neil meets Avni and sees her crying. Avni says that it is all her fault.

Neil asks Avni what she has done. Avni lies that she scolded Mowgli. Prakash worries for Mowgli and Shweta and Bebe try to calm him down. Neil tells Avni that they will look for Mowgli in his favorite place. Avni says that Mowgli has only lived in Kashid. Neil says they will go to Kashid by bus. Mowgli thinks about Avni. Mowgli dashes into an old man who says that he will take him to police as he is alone. Mitali comes to Neil’s hosue and sees everyone tensed. Shweta tells her that Mowgli has gone missing. Mitali says she will inform her team.

Avni is very tensed and Neil calms her down. Avni runs behind a kid who is dressed as Mowgli and Neil stops her. Avni is scared that something bad has happened to Mowgli. Neil promises Avni that he will search for Mowgli. Neil asks Avni to think where Mowgli could have gone. Avni says that Mowgli had seen a temple earlier and wanted to go there. Neil and Avni go to the temple but Mowgli is not there either.

Avni sees Mowgli sitting on a bench and crying. A car passes by and Mowgli disappears.  Neil asks Avni to calm down as she breaks down. Avni prays to Goddess to get back Mowgli. Neil and Avni see Mowgli crying near a tree. Avni hugs Mowgli.  Neil and Avni bring Mowgli back to the house. Neil tells Mowgli that he must be angry with his Jaan Didi. Mowgli is quiet. Later, Avni thanks Neil but Neil is angry and says that he has a special connection with Mowgli.

Sunehri feeds soup to Mowgli. Avni comes there and Mowgli is angry with her. Mowgli pushes Avni and Avni asks him why he is angry with his Jaan Did. Mowgli says she is not Jaan Did and she is his mother. Mowgli says that he heard her telling Sunehri that she is his mother. Avni apologizes to Mowgli saying that she dint tell him the truth as other kids would feel bad. Mowgli asks Avni where is his father. Avni say that he lives very far and he is like a super hero. Mowgli says that he wants to meet him once. Avni say that he can’t and she is here for him. Avni says she can never tell his father  about Mowgli as she will lose him. Prakash is very worried for Mowgli. Neil comes back home and informs that Mowgli is alright. Everyone is relieved. Mitali is about to leave but Neil stops her and says that they will discuss about engagement and wedding. Prakash asks Neil and Mitali whether they sure about this. Mitali says she wants only a small function. Later, Mitali asks Neil whether he has spoken to Avni about their wedding. Neil says that Avni is no longer important in his life and they can take their decision on their own. Neil says that there is no place for Avni in his life any longer and there will never be.

Precap: Mitali tells Avni that she is following her advice and is going to marry Neil.


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