Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 23rd April 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rishi thinking about Gurumaa’s words that it is not easy to reborn again, but he can born as his own son. He cries. Dr. Manish comes there and says sorry. Rishi tells Dr. Manish to give his freeze sperm to a couple who is need of a baby. A woman Mrs. Agnihotri tells Dr. Manish that she will leave, it seems she has no baby in her destiny. Dr. Manish stops her and says you got the donor. Rishi comes to his ward, thinks about Nurse scolding the ward boy Dharmesh for bringing poisonous injection which can kill a person when given in blood.

Rishi takes it in his hand and thinks about Gurumaa’s words. He takes injection and gives in his hand. He feels pain as his condition deteriorates. He comes to Tanuja’s ward and sees looks at her. He says you left me again, but you will not go alone, but I will also come with you. He says we will return to complete the kasam which was left incomplete. He lie down beside her, holds her head and thinks they will reunite again, he will love her only and will live for her, kasam tere pyaar ki. He closes his eyes and dies beside her.

A voiceover tells that some stories are meant to end to start again and says Rishi and Tanu’s love story will bring them back to live, and it is made by God, with a promise that they will fight with death. Rishi and Tanuja’s souls come out of their bodies. Their moments is shown. They unite after death and look at their dead bodies. They smile looking at each other. Their moments is shown right from their childhood. Their soul dances. Voiceover says Kali Maa will unite them to fulfill their kasam.

After leap of 25 years in Canada,

Canada is shown with a brief info about it. A guy Ranbir is shown, playing football in the Canada stadium. His brother cheers for him. Commentator tells that if Ranbir Kapoor wins then India will win. Ranbir looks at the ball and hits goal. Indian has won.

Ranvir’s face is shown as he pours water on his face, he is Rishi. Tanuja is also shown in her third birth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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