Naamkaran: Custody Battle Begins for Mogli Between Neil & Avni

Star Plus’ Naamkarann (Dhaval and Guroudev Productions Pvt. Ltd) is leaving no stone unturned to impress audience with intriguing drama.

A major revelation will bring in a lot of twists in the storyline.

As per a source, “The Khanna family will prepare for Neil (Zain Imam) and Mitali’s engagement. However, on the day of the engagement, Neil will learn that Mowgli is his son and would get furious at Avni (Aditi Rathore) for betraying him. He will throw her out of the house.”

Later, Prakash will reveal that he knew about it and Neil will be stunned knowing that his father hide truth from him.

Furthermore, Neil and Mitali would get engaged. A furious and heartbroken Neil will decide to divorce Avni and fight for Mowgli’s custody.

Now, the courtroom drama will begin.

Will Mowgli’s custody unite Neil and Avni?


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