Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 1st May 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Shaurya is leaving with this team when he sees police coming house, he gets tensed. They hear a whistle and turns to see Anjali waving at them. Shaurya looks on.

Majek is worried, women are praying for them. Dolly asks Karona to remain calm, God will make everything fine. Vicky brings water for Nehal. She doesnt drink it. Mahek’s phone rings but suddenly Nehal feels pain and starts screaming. all rush to Nahel. Mahek takes call, its some call from marketing company, Mahek ends it. Karona asks Nehal to take care. Nehal says I am fine. Mahek says dont act like a child Nehal, you are going to be mother, be more responsible, anything can happen to us but kids should remain fine. Dolly says no nothing should happen with anyone, she asks Vicky to take her to doctor. They take Nahel from

there. Mahek prays to get success in this war.

Anjali asks inspector to arrest Shaurya and says he became fake IT officer to rob my house. She asks IT commissioner what happened now? she takes off Shaurya’s turban, glasses and beard. She says to inspector that my brother has gone crazy since I have got property. Shaurya says you manipulated my mother and got this property, I will prove it in court, you cheated everyone, we took you as our own and you did this. Shaurya’s team member silently takes property papers out and takes out lighter, He passes it to Shaurya, Shaurya tries to light papers but Anjali stops him and takes lighter from him. Inspector points gun at Shaurya and asks him to stop it. Anjali says you have so pathetic ideas to fight with me? I have to win but do something interesting. Shaurya says its about my family and I wont spare you, this is not over yet. Inspector arrests Shaurya and takes him away. Anjali smirks.

Mahek is waiting for Shaurya. Karona asks what happened? Mahek says they didnt return till now. Anjali comes there, all are stunned, she greets Karona. Karona glares at her and says there is a good news so I thought ,,

Mahek cries and says I will become your slave, I will do anything but please get my husband out of jail, Mahek and Dolly sits on her knees. Dolly says think about your mother, she has been crying, please save Shaurya, we will become your servants. Anjali rolls her eyes and smokes cigarette. She brings cigarette close to Mahek and smirks. Mahek says I will become your servant for life but please dont do this, I will do whatever you say, please get him out of jail, please take case back. One goon whispers to her that this is a good chance to show them their place, she makes food nice and we cant get servants like her. Another goon says tonight is party, she can cook for that. Anjali says to Mahek and dolly that fine, I will hire you as servants but I will free Shaurya if I like your food, tonight is a party, my guests are coming, you have to make food for them and if they dont like it then.. Mahek says no no, they will like it, I take guarantee for that, Dolly thanks her. Anjali asks her to get lost, they leave.

Karona comes to police station, she sees Shaurya in jail and says this is all my fault, you are in jail and Mahek has become Anjali’s servant, she needs care and she has to serve her, please dont forgive me ever. Shaurya says please dont say like that, you are our strength, stand with us, this all happened because of Anjali. Karona says what if something bad happens when we take back house? I wont be able to forgive myself, I wont be able to show my face to your baby. Shaurya says our baby is becoming stronger even before coming to this world, he must be feeling its parents’ fighting, it must be feeling how strong is its mother and you will see, it will become strong like its mother and smart like its father. Karona smiles and says you are my strength, you dont let me lose hope. Shaurya says I love you.

Mahek and Dolly are working in kitchen. Chef says ma’am you? Mahek jokes that I left for 4 days and you started calling me ma’am from sister in law? Chef smiles and says sister in law, now you are back so everything will fine. Mahek says I hope so too, Dolly says this Anjali is a devil, ,,

Scene 2
Dolly is combing Anjali’s hair and thinks I would want to pull on her hair. Anjali says if you dont serve me well then Shaurya will rot in jail, she asks them to go and prepare for party, nothing should be less. Anjali takes perfume, Mahek looks on. Anjali sprinkles perfume on herself, Mahek eyes and puts hand on her stomach, she thinks baby we will take revenge for your father,

Shaurya calls Mahek from jail. Shaurya asks Mahek if she is fine? Mahek says dont worry, I am fine. Shaurya says is everything ready? Mahek says we will are fully prepared, dont worry, she ends call. Anjali comes there and asks what is prepared? Mahek says yes, Anjali gives her waiter’s uniform and asks her to wear it in party, Mahek looks on.

Party starts, Mahek is in waiter’s uniform and serving people on bar. Anjali asks her to bring drink for her. Mahek says coming, Mahek pours her a drink. One guest says to other that isnt this Mahek Khanna? Shaurya’s wife? Other guest says yes she is chef then why she is serving here? Guest says Shaurya is in jail so she has to do anything. Anjali deliberately pours wine on floor and asks Mahek to clean it. Mahek says yes and wipes floor infront of all. One guest says she was a owner and now she is a waitress, what a bad luck. Anjali says some fell on my heel too, clean them. Mahek glares at her and cleans her heel, Dolly is hurt. Mahek thinks she can do what she wants but when God does justice then she will be in my feet. Anjali drinks wine which Mahek gave her and starts coughing. She falls on sofa and is getting dizzy. Mahek looks on. Guests rush to Anjali. One guest says blood is coming out of her mouth.

PRECAP- Police comes to Anjali’s party. Anjali says to Mahek that drink this wine, you made this glass for me, if there is no poison in it then drink it. Mahek gets tensed. Anjali says why you are scared? drink it. She grabs Mahek’s face and forcefully tries to make her drink.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Pic Credit; Afreen Naz


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