Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 7th May 2018 Episode Written Update

Akash experiences some old flashes again. He begins to say something. KK asks him if this has happened to him earlier too. When did you start talking out of the blue and things you don’t even know about? Akash says I was going to Shivani’s room one day when I suddenly shouted at her for no reason. I don’t know why and how it happened. KK relates that he drew a sketch of a temple which he hhas never visited; I drew a sketch of Radhika even before meeting her. The woman I see at night! Radhika tells him to stop making stories. Shivani looks so scared. I too used to feel afraid after hearing his stories. Akash smiles at her. Shivani asks Akash what he is doing here. He stands near her and watches Radhika gesturing KK to keep mum. Radhika tells Shivani not to hear anything that he says. He

should be afraid of you. Akash replies that he is the one who scares people. Good night guys! KK teases them for going to the same room together. Akash explains that he is going to drop Shivani to her room safely. Everyone says there is a spirit which roams around the house. I am trying to make sure she sees no one so I am going to drop her to her room safely. They leave. Radhika asks KK if he couldn’t keep quiet.

Akash drops Shivani to her room. She requests him to make distance from Radhika from now onwards. Promise me. He says I thought you both patched up. She repeats her promise. You will maintain a distance from her. He says why it is needed. She does not relent. He ends up promising her. It isn’t needed. She replies that she needs it. Radhika is as smart, intelligent, good looking, loving caring like me. He counters her. Very less than you! You don’t have to be insecure because of her. She says I had to do this. Radhika was on you when I saw you both in kitchen. I felt so angry. I felt like killing her! Akash tells her to chill. The mystery guy peeks from the keyhole. Shivani shouldn’t have said so. Shivani bids good night to Akash. Her words echo in Akash’s head. Rajan too has overheard their convo.

Rajan tells Madhvi everything. What if it had angered him? You know right? He loses his cool whenever someone even spoke to Sharanya in high tone! Shivani spoke of killing her instead. Stupid! Madhvi too fears for Shivani. What did she do? Rajan says she took a step towards her doom. Don’t know what will happen now.

Shivani is headed to kitchen when the mystery guy begins to follow her. Shivani notices a shadow on the curtain. She is standing right under the chandelier when it starts moving. She screams as it begins to fall. Drops of blood fall on the floor.

Radhika, KK and Rajan come running downstairs hearing her scream. They are stunned to see the blood droplets on the floor. Akash is shown holding the chandelier with his hands. It is his blood that has fallen on the floor. KK pulls Shivani out and keeps the chandelier down with Akash’s help. Shivani hugs Akash. Rajan and KK look thoughtful.

KK and Radhika are thinking of some plan. KK speaks of the ghost. Radhika says we all know there is no ghost here. KK nods. It might be someone who we cannot see. He might be at the place from where all this began. They both say basement at the same time. Radhika speaks of the barriers created to reach the basement. We should take help from someone who knows the house in and out. They take Suvarna’s name at once. Radhika asks KK about the old lady. KK says my parents were movie stars. They never came here. How would they have met her? I feel some closeness with her though. It might be in my head. You spoke of finding her. Radhika nods. How can we? He remembers that Rajan said he is a part of some mental hospital. They realise that there are only 2 mental hospitals in the area. Radhika begins to look for the number of the mental hospital which is near their house. KK asks Radhika if she can also see what he is seeing. She asks him about it. He says we are finishing each other’s lines, reading other people’s minds. We are good partners. She hits him playfully on his chest. Don’t even think about it. He reacts sweetly. Akash comes in and asks Radhika to head to her room. You know how Shivani’s parents are upset already. KK jokes that he came in 2 minutes. Nothing could happen. Radhika says I was just going. Akash offers to drop her. KK is irked with Akash.

Akash says I know you like KK but just keep distance. Radhika says he is a good guy. Akash say he might but I know such guys really well. You should maintain some distance from KK. KK asks him if he is so worried for Radhika. Radhika looks at him.

Precap: KK says why you feel bad when I spend time with Radhika. KK and Akash begin to argue. Radhika experiences some flashes. She ends up shouting at them to stop fighting. I don’t know whose side to take. On one hand, it is my friend and on the other hand, it is my lover! Akash and KK look at her in shock / confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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