Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kabeer seeing a policeman. Inspector asks him not to run. Kabeer hides his face with the hood and looks around. He gets surrounded by cops. Naira recalls the incidents. She gets angry and goes to hold him. She catches the collar. Kabeer runs away. Police follows. Kartik holds Naira and pacifies. Inspector says he has run away. Kabeer shouts Kartik you spoiled everything, she came to meet me, see what I do now. He sees her nail marks and says I swear on Naira, she will be with me tonight, you will cry Kartik. He screams.

Kirti keeps her baby’s memories. Naksh comes to her and says I m sorry, it was our responsibility to take care of baby, I wish I could come with you to hospital, this would have not happened if Naira didn’t take you to academy. She looks

on. Suwarna hugs Naira. Manish asks how did stalker flee. Priyanka says such people either get scared or get more dangerous, I think he is totally crazy, Naira has to be careful. Manish asks why are you scaring. Priyanka says no, I m telling facts. They all discuss. Naira worries. Kartik thinks to end fear in Naira’s heart. He asks Naira to come, they will go to her house, its her right to meet family, they won’t spoil relations because of the stalker. He holds her hand. She thinks I will not leave the stalker, Naksh and Kirti lost their baby, relations got distant, I will not forgive him. Rajshri, Naitik and everyone talk about Naira’s coming. Naksh looks on. Kirti refuses to have food. Naitik asks her to play videogame. Bhabhimaa asks how do you enjoy this.

Naitik asks Kirti to play and show them. Kartik and Naira come home. Naksh says you always do what you want, please leave from here, don’t hurt Kirti. Naira cries and says I can’t imagine hurting Kirti, don’t misunderstand me. He asks what about our loss, please leave. Kartik says we understand, but you also understand. Naksh says I m talking to my sister. Kartik says Naira is my wife, you are talking about my sister, I have a right in Kirti’s matter. Naksh says please leave if you respect us. Kirti comes and asks shall I say something. She hugs Naira. She says my miscarriage was destiny, Naira wasn’t the reason. Naira cries and says I m sorry. Kirti says don’t be mad, end this matter here, whatever happened was destined, anything would have happened if you didn’t take me along, I told you that we will go dance hall, it wasn’t good, we regret a lot, we had no control over it, but we can control this, I don’t want anyone to hurt each other. Kartik hugs Kirti and Naira. Naksh goes. Kirti says he will understand with time, we have to punish that man for his intentions, please don’t leave him. Kartik nods. Kirti cries.

Kartik says we won’t leave him, we made a plan, lets see. Kabeer gets a video message and says its from Naira. He wipes tears and sees the video. She says there is a dance event, we are finding a passionate dance partner, there will be one week trip to Paris, if you have passion for dance, contact us. Naira baskets the ball. Kabeer hugs Naira’s cut out and says I m coming, you won’t get any better dancer, you found a way to meet me, I love you. He acts to dance with her.

Shubham talks to Kabeer on video call. He asks what’s that, Naira’s cut out, are you doing all this. Kabeer says no. Its morning, Kirti says Naitik and Naksh will come in some time, where are kids. Surekha says Naira asked me to send them away from this drama. Police guards the house. Some dancers come for registration. Kartik says its big risk. Naira says its bigger risk if that stalker is free, we can atleast catch him, if we identify him, I won’t leave him. Shubham and Kabeer come home.

Kartik says you… Shubham says I got Kabeer here, he dances so well. Kabeer says I m not a professional dancer. Kartik asks him to try. Shubham asks Kabeer to show them. Naira says yes, try once. Kabeer agrees. Shubham recalls talking to Kabeer. Kabeer says you are day dreaming, you can say anything, think what will happen if I tell your family that you take drugs, what proof do you have, I m not scared, say anything, I m your friend, so I help you, you also help me. FB ends. Shubham asks for drugs. Kabeer gives him drugs. Shubham leaves from home. Manish looks on. Kabeer eyes Naira and smiles. He thinks I will do anything to get you.

Naira dances with the participants. Kabeer’s turn comes. Kabeer goes to dance with her. He stares at her and dances happily. Naira observes others. Kartik and everyone stay alert. Naira gets shocked seeing her nail impressions under his neck. She dances with him and gets tensed.

Naira says Kabeer’s neck has similar nail marks, we all will behave normal like we don’t know anything. Everyone stares at Kabeer.

Update Credit to: Amena

Pic Credit: OU


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