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Ek Deewana Tha 8th May 2018 Episode Written Update

Madhvi says Shivani got him upset by speaking ill about Radhika. He can do anything.

KK asks Akash if he will say anything by pretending to be Radhika’s friend. Why do you mind whne Radhika spends time with me? Akash nods. I know guys like you well. KK asks him to explain finally what he means by his kind of guys. Akash says we are from the same industry. I have seen how you treat girls. Radhika is unlike them. She is sensitive and very different. KK accepts. Maybe this is why I am giving her a chance. Radhika tries to stop them but in vain. Akash tells KK to mind his tongue. KK refuses. I don’t understand why you try to tell Radhika in private against talking to me; threatening me in private! It has started to irritate me now! Who are you after all to tell her anything? She isn’t

a kid. She is an intelligent grown up woman who knows what’s right or wrong for her. Why are you acting like her lawyer? AKash calls her his responsibility. KK asks Radhika if she gave him this responsibility. Radhika shouts at them to stop. Madhvi and Rajan go out to see what’s happening.

Akash insists that Radhika stays in Shivani’s house and is his responsibility now. I want to make sure she is alright. KK asks Radhika if he ever threatened her. He turns to Akash. Radhika and I are adults. We can spend as much time together as we want to. That’s our business! Akash makes an issue out of it. Radhika again tries to intervene but Akash calls KK mad. She experiences some past flashes. She ends up shouting at them to stop fighting. I don’t know whose side to take. On one hand, it is my friend and on the other hand, it is my lover! Akash and KK look at her in shock / confusion. Rajan and Madhvi have seen it all.

Akash asks Radhika about what she just said. Radhika shakes her head in confusion. I don’t know why I said so. I dint wish to say anything like that. KK apologizes to both of them and for stretching the matter. Akash tries to say something but KK sends Radhika to her room to sleep. Akash notices him hinting at Radhika to leave. He recalls how Radhika had done the same upstairs. KK sends a message to Radhika. Akash intentionally collides with Radhika and makes her drop the phone. He reads the text received by KK (about maintaining a silence for now) and quietly hands it over to Radhika.

Madhvi is sure now that it isn’t safe for Shivani to stay here. This fight isn’t between Akash, KK and Radhika but between Vyom, Sharanya and Shiv. Our past is coming back! What about Shivani? She is unaware of it all and is not even a part of it. I wont let her become a victim. I am taking her with me. Rajan tells her not to be a fool. What will you tell Shivani? She will hate us even if you tell her everything. Her life will be ruined. we must think before doing anything. She tells him there is no time to think anymore. Our daughter is in trouble. He says I understand everything. Shivani is my daughter as well. Let me think what can be done but we cannot run away. She tells him to do it quickly. Death is inching closer towards Shivani.

Akash comes to Shivani’s room while she is sleeping. He says sorry to her as he caresses her hair. He sees a shadow on the window and is alert. The mystery guy walks away. Akash starts following him.

In his room, KK thinks to do something about Akash. He notices Akash passing by from his window and follows him. I will show Radhika his true face today.

Akash notices a guy walking away. He has covered his upper body with a quilt. He follows him.

KK wakes Radhika. I saw Akash going somewhere. She tells him to let him go. He suggests following him but she refuses. He speaks about seeing his true face.

Akash comes to a storeroom and finds himself facing the mystery guy. Akash looks at him in shock.

Radhika tells KK not to trap her in the mess just because he had a fight with Akash. Don’t trouble me. Let me sleep. They begin to argue and she gives up.

The mystery guy hits Akash on his head using a stick. KK and Radhika hear his pained voice and begin to look around. KK joins Radhika after checking upstairs. Radhika falls with a thud behind them. Radhika screams noticing blood near him.

Precap: KK tries waking Akash. He checks his breath and shares that he isn’t breathing. Radhika looks at him in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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