Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira romancing. Kartik says we can apply any color to emotions. She says it means we can color the shades of fear, sorrow and shame. He says the color of happiness and courage, a new beginning. She says even I want to begin fresh but… He says no ifs and buts now. She says you are right. Palko ke sirhaane… plays….. They spend time. He hugs and kisses her. Kirti asks Naksh what is he reading. He says doctors have sent your reports, thank God everything is fine. She says except one thing, things between Naira and you aren’t fine. Naitik comes and says this is your hotel bookings and flight tickets. Devyaani says go, take a break. Kirti asks suddenly. Naitik says I thought this is imp, I m a father, I m equally concerned for all kids. He

sees Naksh and goes. Rajshri says we will start our work. Devyaani says we will make snacks for them. Bhabhimaa says Naksh will cook food for Kirti there. Kirti hugs Naksh. Lav and Kush go to Shubham. His drug packet falls far when he reacts angry. He scolds them and goes. Manish hears them and sees kids going sad. Naira gets coffee for Manish.

He says Shubham is always angry, he behaves strangely with everyone, how will he understand relations, he never got family’s love. Suwarna hears him and cries. He says you know when we met him, we thought we will shower him with love, but he keeps distance, I m at fault too, I get angry on him, I raised hand on him once, because I love him, I don’t want him to suffer, I m concerned for my sons as I got them with much difficulty, I don’t want to lose them, first Kartik and now Shubham, Suwarna thinks I don’t have concern, no one understands that my concern is my fear, like he behaved with Lav and Kush, I felt bad. Naira says don’t be upset. He says as long as son stays away with me, nothing can get fine. She says we will try, I promise you, I will take care of Shubham and help you two reconcile. He asks promise. She says promise. Suwarna smiles.

Kartik comes to Shubham’s room and sees him sleeping. He covers him up. He sees his phone ringing. Shubham wakes up and covers his arm. Shubham asks you… Kartik says yes, I came here for a talk. Shubham says I know you came to talk about Kabeer, don’t scold me, trust me I didn’t know about him. Kartik gives him water and says drink water. He says you didn’t have fruits. He feeds Aryan. He says always have food on time. He wipes Shubham’s tears. Kartik says you are my brother, we all love you, I love you, do you understand. Shubham nods. Kartik hugs him. He says we won’t let any wrong happen with you. He goes out. Naira sees him. They hug. She gets Ashok’s call.

She says it was Ashok’s call, he said about academy issues, funds, accounts, administration, we will know about it tomorrow. He says fine, we will see. Akhilesh comes and says Shubham has withdrawn 4 lakhs, don’t know what is he doing. Kartik says block his cards and account, we will find out whom is he paying. Shubham looks for drugs. He says I had kept it in pocket. He checks well. Akhilesh says if Shubham is…. sorry, I didn’t wish to tell Manish. Kartik says you did right to share this with me, maybe he may come to talk to us if we block his accounts. Akhilesh says yes.

Lav and Kush play in garden. They don’t see the drug packet and put in in flower pot. They see Shubham coming and run. Shubham says where did the packet go. Its morning, Kartik and Naira talk to the managers. She says I don’t run this academy for profit. Manager says we can make it a brand. Kartik says she runs this academy by heart, you are right, we should incur a loss, I will handle everything, we will meet soon, you won’t be disappointed.

She goes to give keys to the men. They say its not easy to do business, if husband has much money, it doesn’t mean she can run any business, Naira has no knowledge to run a business, rich do business as a hobby, they have much money to open any new business. They go. Naira sends the keys by servant. She thinks of their words. Kartik asks her to come along. She asks where. He says just come with me. Suwarna and Manish see Shubham sleeping in his room. She says Naira is taking care of Shubham, don’t worry, she has promised, I support Suwarna, it doesn’t mean I m against you, I m sorry. He says if we both are with our son, why is he in this condition, once I find out what’s bothering him, I swear I will do anything. She says trust Naira, she will find out, Shubham trusts her a lot. He says I trust Naira and you. Naira asks where did you get me Kartik.

He says place seems familiar right. She opens blindfold cloth and sees Singhania house. He says Kirti and Naksh are going out for a while, but he wanted to talk to you before leaving. She sees Naksh’s sorry notes. She cries. Naksh comes and says sorry Naira. They hug and cry. Kartik and Kirti look on. They also hug them. Naitik and everyone come. Naksh hugs Naitik and says sorry, I have hurt you two a lot. Naitik says no, I was scared that things can get worse, I m glad that no ended this matter here. Naitik says there is no scope of misunderstanding here, its clear that Papa loves me the most. Naksh says its nothing like that. She says I m right. He runs after her. Naitik asks Kartik and Kirti to stop them. Naitik hugs Naksh and Naira. They smile.

Lav and Kush cough and keep the drugs packet. Naira checks it. Kartik asks what is it. Shubham looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


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