Naamkaran 11th May 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Neil taking Mowgli with him. Avni goes to Mowgli’s room and cries. She says I lost, whoever I loved got away, I know Neil will keep Mowgli happy, I wish he may love him more than me, I can’t live without Mowgli. Sunehri consoles her. She says Lord will give you a reason to live, he is watching you three, this story didn’t end. Avni cries. Mowgli greets everyone. Shweta, Prakash and Bebe bless him. Mitali gives him a gift. He thanks her. Mitali goes to help Shweta in work. Bebe says you think Mowgli is happy. Prakash says just think what would you go through if anyone made me away from you and what would I feel. She says I m thinking the same. Neil gets Mowgli to his room. Mowgli sees the toys and decorations. Neil says I love you, I will be your Papa and best friend, we will

enjoy a lot. Mowgli says yes Papa. Neil asks him to settle. He goes. Mowgli recalls Avni and sees her pics. He starts fixing her pics on walls and cupboard. Prakash comes and asks did you fix this. Mowgli nods. Prakash cheers him. Neil comes and sees Avni’s pics. Prakash says come for lunch soon.

Mowgli says you said its my room, can I keep this pic. Neil says sure, see what I got for you, superhero bedsheet, I m hungry, I m sure you are also hungry, come and have food. He asks Mowgli to come downstairs.

Shweta gets food. Prakash says don’t take it on heart if Mowgli doesn’t eat anything. Shweta says he will have it. Mowgli eats spicy food and says mumma told me to have food, else it would be disrespect of the food and one who prepared it, I m mumma’s good boy. Shweta says yes. She takes along Mitali. Mowgli takes the gun. Neil gets shocked and runs to him. He takes the gun. He says its not a toy gun, its real. He shouts Mitali. She comes and asks what happened. He says you know there is a little kid at home, its loaded gun, what if any accident happened, Mowgli picked the gun. Mitali says sorry, I will be careful. Neil says I panicked seeing him, sorry.

Sunehri asks Avni why didn’t she come to have food. Avni says I was a bit busy with my work, I will complete it and have food, now my fear to lose Mowgli has gone with him, I have to look after myself to look after the kids. She checks files. Shweta makes Mowgli sleep. She goes. He thinks of Avni and says I miss you. Avni thinks of him. Neil comes to him and holds him. He says you have high fever. Mowgli says please take me to mumma. Neil shouts out to everyone. Shweta checks his temperature and says its 103. prakash says doctor is out of town. Neil says we will take him to hospital. Mowgli says no, I want to go to mumma. Bebe says call Avni, maybe Mowgli got worried at new place. Neil goes to call Avni. Avni calls him. He answers. She says I know its not the right time to call, is Mowgli fine. He says Mowgli has some fever, I was about to call you and you called. She says I m coming there right now. She leaves.

Avni comes and meets Mowgli. She asks are you fine. She asks what did he eat today. Shweta says he had some milkshake without ice. Prakash says he had spicy Chole. Avni asks was Aamchur added in Chole. Bebe says yes, Mitali was asking me about Aamchur, she may have added. Avni asks Neil how can he be careless. He says Mitali made it, she didn’t know. She says I gave you a list about his allergies, what he eats and what he doesn’t, you didn’t read the list, you need to care for child along with getting his custody. He says don’t be hyper, he just came here, sorry I didn’t read it. Avni gives medicines to Mowgli. She asks them to rest, she will be with Mowgli. They all go. She says Mowgli you will be fine, mumma is with you, I will be right back. Neil takes the water bowl. He says I will get fresh water. She stops him.

Avni says Neil you have understood me, but you snatched my son to settle scores. Mitali asks her to go away from Neil’s life. Avni scolds her and says I will always be Mowgli’s mum.

Update Credit to: Amena


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