Naamkaran 15th May 2018 Episode Written Update

Mowgli gets kidnapped by the goons. Neil reaches the school and does not find Mowgli. Neil asks a kid about Mowgli and he says that his mother came to pick him up. Avni gets a message and gets tensed. Avni calls up Neil but he does not take the call. Avni calls Shweta to ask about Mowgli but she says that he is not at home. Neil reaches sukoon ghar to ask about Mowgli and Sunehri says that he is not there. Prakash calls up Neil and ask him to come home. Neil reaches home and finds Avni there and scolds her for picking up Mowgli without informing him. Avni shows the message to Neil where it is written that Mowgli is kidnapped. Neil says that he reached late to get Mowgli. Avni asks Neil how can he be so careless to go late to pick him up. Avni asks Neil why she took away Mowgli from her if he cannot take care of Mowgli. Neil and Avni argue with each other. Bebe asks them to shut up and think about Mowgli. Avni wonders whether he has been kidnapped for money, Prakash says that they are ready to give as much money for him. Avni realizes that Mowgli has not been kidnapped for money and there is some other reason. Avni says that Kamini had tried to kidnap Mowgli in park too. Prakash scolds Avni for not informing them earlier. Avni gets message warning her not to take help from police. Avni tells Neil that they will have to search for Mowgli by themselves.

Neil reaches school again and asks Mowgli’s friends to describe the man who took away Mowgli. The children describe the man. Neil tells Avni about this and Avni says that a similar man had tried to kidnap Mowgli earlier. Avni and Neil reach Kamini’s house. Kamini taunts Avni that her son does not talk to her anymore. Kamini asks Avni how she feels when her son is away from her. Avni tells Kamini that she knows she has kidnapped her son. Kamini admits that she wants to take revenge from her. Neil warns Kamini to return Mowgli. Kamini says that they cannot harm her in any way. Neil asks Kamini what she wants. Kamini says that she wants Avni to take the child trafficking blame on herself. Neil says Avni will not do it. Avni goes away and is ready to take the blame on herself. Neil gets a video clip of Mowgli in captivity. Avni gets sad seeing the video and says that she will surrender herself to police. Neil gets a message saying that if Avni does not surrender then Mowgli will be cut into pieces. Avni takes a rickshaw and geos towards police station. Neil sees the video again and notices that it is a horse stable with train noise in the background. Neil comes to know the location and decides to inform Avni about it. Mowgli frees himself from captivity and escapes. Mowgli tries to get a lift from vehicles passing by. Kamini finds Mowgli on the road and Mowgli asks her to take her to his mother. Kamini says that she will take him to his mother. Kamini takes Mowgli in the car. Neil sees this and follows Kamini’s car. Avni is at police station and gets message informing her about Mowgli. Avni tells Mitali that she wants to give her statement. Kamini asks her goons to handle Mowgli. Neil comes there and catches Kamini red handed.

Precap: Kamini’s goons beat up Neil. Avni gives her statement to Mitali and Mitali gets shocked.

Pic Credit: OU


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