Naamkaran 17th May 2018 Episode Written Update

Neil comes to Avni’s house and Avni asks him what he is doing here. Neil falls to his knees and hugs Avni. Avni asks him what happened. Neil tells Avni that he kept taunting her for going away from him but she never told him anything. Avni asks Neil what he is saying. Neil shows the footage to Avni. Avni gets tensed and asks Neil not to tell anyone at home about it. Avni tells Neil everything and it is muted. Neil says that now he has understood why she went away from him. Neil says that she did all this to save his father. Avni says that whatever happened was in their destiny. Avni says that Prakash would be shattered if he knew that he has killed Neela. Neil apologizes to Avni and Avni asks him not to be sorry. Avni and Neil hug each other emotionally. Neil gets Mitali’s call. Avni asks Neil to do the right thing and fulfill his promise to Mitali. Neil says this is a bad dream and Avni says that it is a bitter reality. Neil says he will fulfill his promise but losing her will be the biggest mistake of his life. Neil goes away and Avni runs after him to see him. Avni remembers her and Neil’s past moments.

Everyone is happy to see Mowgli back home. Avni sees chocolate all over Mowgli’s face and cleans it. Avni tells Mowgli that they will go far away from here. Avni tells Sunehri, Tara and Sitara that she wants to go far away from here along with Mowgli. Avni says that she wants to be away so that Neil can lead a good life with Mitali. Avni asks Sunehri, Tara and Sitara to take care of sukoon house from now on. Neil prays to God to keep Avni happy always. Neil says that his relation was meant to be broken. Shweta asks Neil to get ready for the Sangeet. Prakash goes to meet Mowgli and gives him gifts. Prakash asks Avni whether she is doing the right thing. Avni says that this is difficult but this is the only right thing to do. Avni says that she is not going very far and she has found a new job. Prakash asks Avni whether she will come to meet them. Avni says she will never come as it won’t be right to Mitali. DD informs Prakash that he won’t be able to come. Sangeet function starts and dances begin. Neil imagines Avni there and imagines dancing with her (Dil Diyan Gallan plays).  Mitali notices that Neil is lost. Mitali asks him if he is alright. Mowgli asks Avni whether Mitali and Neil are getting married. Mowgli says that it would be so good if he, papa and mummy could live together as a normal family. Avni says that they are special and they don’t need normal family. Neil and Mitali start to dance but Neil is lost. Mitali asks Neil whether he is sure that he wants to marry her. Neil says that he is sure as he has promised her.

Precap: Neil tells Avni that he has come to take her and Mowgli back home.


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