Naamkaran 18th May 2018 Episode Written Update *Last Episode*

Prakash tells Neil and Shweta that this wedding should not happen. Shweta asks Prakash why he is saying all this as both Neil and Mitali are ready for this. Neil says that he does not know what he is doing as he still loves Avni a lot. Prakash asks Neil to go and get Avni and Mowgli as they are his family. Shweta says that they are divorced. Prakash says that nothing can be decided because of a piece of paper. Prakash asks Neil to go and get Avni. Neil comes to Avni’s house and thinks that he has come back to take her. Neil sees Avni and Mowgli through the window and sees them packing their bags. Neil thinks that Avni is complete without him and needs no one else but he will always be incomplete. Neil thinks he will be happy thinking that she was his for some time. Neil leaves from there and Avni sees him through the window.

Neil lies in bed and imagines Avni beside him. Neil realizes that she is not for real and gets sad. Next morning, Shweta brings breakfast for Neil and says it is poha. Avni also eats poha. Shweta say all preparations are done. Prakash asks Neil if he is sure what he is doing. Neil says he will fulfill his promise to Mitali. Neil says Avni is happy without him. Mitali calls Shweta and Shweta asks her to come soon. Prakash tells Neil that Avni is leaving the city for good but she is not moving far away and has promised to send Mowgli home every weekend. Neil says that Avni is going away so that he can lead a happy life with Mitali. Prakash asks Neil to take a decision. Avni and Mowgli bid goodbye to everyone. Neil thinks about his past moments with Avni. Sunehri asks Avni how she will be able to forget Neil. Avni says that Neil will always be in her heart. Avni says she will live with his memories. The wedding begins and pandit asks to bring Sindoor and mangalsutra. Neil recalls his marriage with Avni. The wedding rituals start. Pandit tells Mitali and Neil that they should know the meaning of the seven rounds around the holy fire. Neil recalls Avni taking promises around the fire. Mitali says she will fulfill all duties towards Neil. Neil also says that he will fulfill every promise he has made to Avni. Everyone gets shocked by his words. Neil realizes his mistake and takes Mitali’s name. Priest asks Neil and Mitali to stand for warmala. Neil thinks that he loves Avni and remembers Avni professing her love to him. Neil and Mitali make each other wear garland. Priest asks them to take wedding rounds. Neil is unable to move. Mitali tells Neil that she loves him a lot because he is a good guy and is willing to fulfill his promise. Mitali gets the frame in which he wanted his perfect family. Mitali says that the frame will have a picture of him, Avni and Mowgli. Mitali says that they are not made for each other. Neil apologizes to Mitali. Mitali says that it is good that he has not married her only to fulfill his promise. Mitali asks Neil to go to Avni. Mitali tells Neil that they will always be friends. Shweta asks Neil to go and get Avni and Mowgli. Neil says thank you to Mitali. Avni and Mowgli are near the sea and Neil reaches there. Avni asks him what he is doing there. Neil says that he has come to take back her and Mowgli to the house. Avni asks Neil whether he has come back to take his son’s mother, his wife or Avni. Neil says that he has learnt the meaning of love through her. Neil tells Avni that she made him realize that a person is not known by their name but by their work. Neil tells Avni that she does not need anyone but he wants her because he loves her a lot. Avni tells Neil that she wanted to keep Mowgli as he reminds her of him. Avni says that he is one of the few people who accepted her. Avni tells Neil that he proved the world illegitimate who called her illegitimate. Avni tells Neil that she is incomplete without him. Avni says that she has been waiting for him since such a long time. Neil hugs Avni and both of them hug Mowgli.

Happy Ending.


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