Bepannah 23rd May 2018 Episode Written Episode

Zoya, Aditya and Rajvir look at each other. Rajvir praises his catch. I am sorry. Did I ruin the game? Aditya denies. We were just playing cricket. Anyone can play. Kalpesh meets his friend and introduces him to everyone. He only suggested your name to me. He has come all the way from London to be a part of our Diamond Jubilee celebration. Rajvir says his full name – Rajvir Khanna. You both should remember his name well. We will get acquainted better now. people say that I have a special talent. Those who meet me once are unable to forget me. He extends his hand towards Aditya who thanks him for referring their name. Kalpesh explains that his friend’s sense of humour is very different. He introduces Zoya as Zoya Hooda to Rajvir. Rajvir repeats the full name. He shakes hands with Zoya but she winces in

pain. Aditya asks her if she is hurt. She nods. A little. Rajvir also meets Mahi. Aditya asks Rajvir if he has come to India only for the event or for something else. Rajvir replies that he came here to find the truth. It is said that you can find out everyone’s truth when you come to India. Just think that I came here for that purpose only. Kanti ji meets Rajvir. Rajvir asks him where he should go in search of truth, Kashi, Banaras or above. Kanti ji says you are so young. Don’t talk about death. Rajvir says I was hinting at mountains. Zoya is in pain. Kanti ji tells him he is happy to see him here. Rajvir says I came here for everyone. Now there will be fireworks. Zoya looks a little puzzled. Aditya notices her hand. Akansha suggests Zoya to apply ice. Seems like your finger is fractured. She excuses herself. Aditya follows her.

Sakshi thinks she cannot spend her life in fear like this. This blackmailer will become confident if I pay him once. She picks up the photo. Only I know the truth of that day. This photo hints that I blessed both Yash and Pooja willingly. Will Aditya trust me if I tell him the truth? Anjana walks in. What are you hiding from us Sakshi? You left the house stealthily today as well. Sakshi lies that she went for a walk but Anjana is positive she is hiding something. I will find out the truth as it is about my son. Come what may, I wont let my son get hurt again!

Zoya sits on a bench and Aditya stands a bit far to see what she will do next. Akansha suggests taking Zoya to the doc but Zoya wants to wait till the match ends. Mahi is also watching them from far. Aditya holds Zoya’s hand and twists her fingers. She begins to scold him in Urdu but he points out that he fixed it instead (while calling her Urdu Queen 😀 ). Zoya is surprised as the pain is all gone now. Sagarika remarks that this is true love. Akansha leaves. Sagarika says the finger was bound to be fixed. You thought Aditya was scolding you for no reason but he was instead helping you. She gives ice pack to Zoya. You are really lucky to have Aditya as your husband who loves and understands you. He also knows that sometimes he must give you a little pain to make you feel better. Aditya begins to go back when Mahi asks him out for a dinner. Kalpesh and Rajvir come there just then. Kalpesh tells them that Rajvir made his father agree to give contract to Zosh only. Aditya thanks Rajvir. Where did you see my name? Rajvir replies that both of you are really popular. Aditya is sure something is strange about Rajvir. Rajvir asks them since when are they married. Aditya and Zoya give different answers. Rajvir tells them to decide first. Zoya explains that they know each other since 5 years and have been married for 3 years. Rajvir invites them over dinner tonight. I would love to know your love story. Sagarika likes the idea. Aditya tries to back out but Rajvir does not let him. Virani’s leave. Mahi is irked that her plan is foiled. They will play Ghar-Ghar tonight!

Arjun meets Noor. Did you know that RJ AJ wont be in? She gets sad. He asks her out for coffee. We will become friends. It is said that work becomes easier if you make your colleagues friends. Noor agrees.

Rajvir reminds Kalpesh and Sagarika that their love story could complete because of him only. He turns his attention to Zoya and Aditya. How did you guys meet 5 years ago and how did the story progress? They raise a toast for Zoya and Aditya. Zoya does not drink. Rajvir remarks that they look like newly married couple. When you guys said 3 and 5 years, it made us feel as if you were actually cooking some story. I must say that both of you are extremely adorable. Aditya says we met in college. Rajvir asks about the college. Zoya ends up saying Mussorie which raises more questions. Aditya says Dehradun is in Mussorie. Lot many people study there and so did I. They hide their faces behind the menu and discuss about the fake story that they have to present. Rajvir asks Aditya if it was love at first sight. Zoya says yes whereas Aditya says no. Everyone looks at them. Zoya says it was for me but not for him. Rajvir says I cannot believe it. Zoya is so beautiful. How could you not fall in love at first sight? Aditya thinks of Pooja. I knew her since childhood. She was my best friend. We grew up together, studied together, fell in love and got married. My wife was my best friend. Rajvir catches the word “was”. Zoya says we were best friends first and now I am his wife. Sagarika is eager to know more. How did you guys marry? Aditya and Zoya answer differently again. Rajvir again tells them to decide. Aditya says we wanted to celebrate it grandly but we had to run away in the end. Rajvir says thank God it happened. Aditya asks everyone to order. He hides himself behind the menu and turns to Zoya. You eloped to marry? You don’t look like that type. Zoya asks him to look in front. Rajvir is looking at you. Aditya looks at Rajvir and covers his face completely with the menu.

Rajvir remarks that he has started to believe in love after meeting them again. It is said that eyes reflect what’s in the heart. I can see that love clearly in your eyes. Sagarika seconds him. They look really good together. The Host plays a song for all the couples in the restaurant. Rajvir proposes Zoya and Aditya’s name. Sagarika also asks Kalpesh to dance. Zoya is hesitant but Sagarika says you don’t need to know it. You just have to go with the flow. She takes Zoya and Aditya with her. Sagarika and Kalpesh stand together and Zoya and Aditya end up standing in front of one another. Zoya shakes her head at Aditya. I don’t know how to dance.

A waiter keeps a chart paper on the ground. Host tells the couples to stand on them for the dance. It will be folded every time the song comes to a pause and then you can resume your dance. The couple which manages to dance on the smallest piece of paper till the end wins. As a punishment (if they fail), they will have to kiss one another. Finally no one loses! Zoya and Aditya look at one another in shock. Zoya tells Aditya she wont be able to do it. She begins to go but Rajvir blocks her way. Formalities don’t look good between couples. You both are a couple, right? Zoya shows him her mangalsutra. What are you saying? Rajvir asks them why they are giving up then. Game just began. Wait to see what happens next. Remember the punishment. All the best. He wishes good luck to Sagarika and Kalpesh as well. Everyone claps for the participants.

Precap: Zoya is sleeping. She sees a shadow outside her window, picks a vase and demands to know who is there. Aditya jumps inside. Zoya screams loudly. Her scream wakes Madhu ji and Mahi. Zoya hits Aditya with the vase (playfully). What are you doing here at this hour? Is this some dharamshala where you can come as you please? Madhu ji and Mahi knock at the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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