Bepannah: Aditya & Zoya Win Dance Competition?

In the upcoming episode of Colors’ serial Bepanah, the viewers will get to watch some interesting drama as Rajveer Khanna (Apurva Agnihotri) has taken Aditya (Harshad Chopda) and Zoya (Jennifer Winget) for a task. As seen in the latest episode of Bepanah, Rajveer enters as Kalpesh’s friend and tries to gauge Aditya and Zoya’s relationship. Rajveer catches Aditya and Zoya on every weak answer related to their marriage. It is seen that Rajveer invites Aditya and Zoya for dinner where he shocks Aditya and Zoya by making them narrate their love story. Aditya and Zoya keep fumbling while Rajveer keeps an eye on them.

Rajveer makes Aditya and Zoya take part in couples’ paper dance competition where Aditya and Zoya are expected to dance in the close proximity. Zoya gets worried and scared thinking she cannot dance. Moreover, Adi – Zoya get shocked to know that the loser couple has to kiss each other. Both realize the they are trapped. In the upcoming episode of Bepanah, Aditya will save the situation for Zoya and him. Aditya will lead Zoya in the dance and finally he will pick her up in his arms, resulting in Adi – Zoya winning the competition and will avoid the kiss.


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