Ishq Subhan Allah: Rukhsar Confesses Her Love to Kabir; Hugs HIM!

Ruksar tells Kabeer that she loves him a lot. She hugs him while confessing love. She asks him to accept her, she will love him more than Zara. He asks her what’s this madness, she should realize her mistakes, she can’t make wrong demands. She proposes him. He instantly rejects her love proposal. She doesn’t lose. She tries hard to influence him by her beauty. She says its my dream to marry you, till when shall I see you with Zara, I can’t share your love with anyone. He tells her that this can’t happen, as he is married to Zara. He says Zara is my life, forget whatever happened, start a new life, don’t do wrong. Kabeer asks Ruksar to know her limits. Zara gets to see their argument. She gets happy that Kabeer values marriage relation so much.

Zara asks Ruksar not to be mad, Kabeer is married and can’t marry anyone again. She says Kabeer is my husband, Lord has made our relation, just forget this craze. Kabeer and Zara remind her what their religion reaches them. They take Ruksar for the engagement.

Ruksar gets engaged. She tells Zeenat that she can’t marry anyone else. She tries to hurt herself and remove the ring. Zeenat tells her that she can’t get Kabeer if she hurts herself. Kabeer and Zara want to bring Ruksar on the right track. Zara finds Kabeer worried. She tells him that she will make sure Ruksar doesn’t attempt to get close to him again, she will try to make Ruksar realize her mistake.

Pic Credit:OU


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