Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 24th May 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikas Sharma telling that the property belongs to Ayush Batra. Balraj says this is my ancestral house. Vikas Sharma says law asks for proofs and we have proof that this house belongs to my client Ayush Batra. He asks him not to argue or play tricks. He gives papers in which it is written that the house belongs to Ayush Batra. Ranbir reads it. Pummy gets happy and tells that she has won the cooker. Jiana asks how is she feeling? Pummy ays she wants to sing a song and sings cooker song of her own. Kritika tells Jiana that she got the job. Arun asks really? Pummy stops him and gives cooker in his hand. She says salary will come after the month. She gives credit to herself. Kritika says when we are good then everything is good. Vikas Sharma asks Balraj and his family to leave immediately

else his client will file case against them. He asks them to leave his property and says you will be trapped in court cases, and says you may not get time to live, and it will get wasted in case. Balraj says this is not only my house, but my soul and warns him. He says I will see to it, who throws me out of my house. Ranbir asks her to calm down.

Ayush Batra says this is law and I am neat and clean, and law says that I am owner. Ranbir asks Balraj to calm down and says we came here for my match and endorsements. He says we have to go back to Canada, and asks him to give house in charity and asks him to see Ayush’s clothes. He says we will return to Canada and we have everything here, and this property matter is taking on my nerves. He says we will give this house to you ASAP, but for the time being you just get lost. You can take this notice and leave.

Ayush says he made everything easy. Vikas Sharma says your son is smarter than you and says god bless you. Ranbir asks Balraj to relax and says I have decided tomorrow we will go to Canada. Balraj is shocked. Mahima says your health is more important than this house. Akki asks Ranbir if we are doing right. He says we shall listen to him. Ranbir says he is my Dad. Jiana tells Kritika that she did right with Ashok. Kritika asks why she is scared. Jiana says I don’t have strength like you. Kritika says girls shall become independent and stand on their feet. Jiana says she took permission from Pummy to do job.

Batra comes to Balraj and tells that your son is smart than you and don’t have strength to fight with me. Balraj says my son is my ego. Batra says he don’t want to fall down. Balraj says my son is worried about me and our respect, and don’t want to get involved in court case. Batra says I have taken care of this house for 25 years. He says I have repaired this house. Balraj says I have sent money for it. Batra says money can’t do anything, this building is safe because of my hardwork. He says this house is mine and I will not leave it. Balraj says I can prove that you are a cheat and have a snatched this property by cheat. He says I will kick you out. Batra says you are threatening me and is about to hit him, but just then Ranbir comes and stops him. He asks how dare you to raise hand on my dad. Batra tells Ranbir that Balraj is threatening him.

Balraj says you have snatched by house by cheat. Batra says I have been staying here and says you are chor to show right on this house. Ranbir shouts at him. He asks him to mind his language and asks him not to forget that he is Ranbir Kapoor’s dad. He says you don’t know where you will go. Malishka comes there and asks Batra to calm down. She says sorry to Ranbir and says he got senti as he has taken care of the house since 25 years. She says we are sensible and shall know what to do. She asks him to follow law. She says your silence means yes and asks Batra to come. They leave. Ranbir tells his family members that they are not going anywhere now and will stay in this house only.

Corporator comes to Pummy’s house and says you have threatened me. He says now I will do everything infront of everyone and nobody can stop me. Kritika asks him to leave her if he is a man.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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