Ishq Subhan Allah 25th May 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Zara brings Kabir’s broach and tucks it, he smiles at her. Miraj calls Kabir, Kabir thanks him. Miraj says thank your wife, it was all her plan, I told you your wife is very smart, tell her I have done my work, she will get results in evening, he ends call. Kabir says Miraj called and said he did his work. Kabir says I have some work, he leaves.

Zara calls Ruksaar and asks how are you? Zara comes to her. Ruksaar says why were you calling me? Zara says when you go to Dubai then we will talk on call. Ruksaar says dont play this game with me, you wont get time to recover with my attacks. Zara says I have back to play my game. Ruksaar says you are flying over the fact that Miraj is with you but he is just.. she stops herself. Zara asks he is what? Ruksaar says you can play

games with me but I will never leave this house. Zara grabs her arm and says you will leave this house and country, you will marry and go to Dubai, Ayesha called you so go there right now.

Ruksaar comes to Ayesha’s room. Ayesha shows her jewelry set and asks how is it? she says nice. Ayesha says it will look really nice on you, keep it, you are like my daughter too, we have to take care of you. Ruksaar says yes who does so much for others daughters, God will give back what you have done with me, the benefit you have done to me, Alina will get that too. Ayesha glares at her and asks if she needs any diamonds? Ruksaar says I wanted just one diamond and you gave it to someone else. Ayesha makes her wear dupatta and says not all your wishes can be fulfilled so be happy what you have got, she glares at her. Ruksaar says you might give what I like to someone else but I will get what I want. Ayesha gives her dress and asks her to wear it in iftar, she leaves.

Zeenat comes home and asks servants what they are preparing for? he says Zara asked us to do it. Shahbaz says Kabir said someone special is coming on iftar. Kabir and Miraj comes there. Miraj says only me, Kabir and Zara knows about this special guest. Kabir says yes all these arrangements are for Ruksaar.

Ruksaar is getting ready and thinks what is happening here? Zeenat comes there and asks what game is going on? Ruksaar says they are planning my wedding. Zara comes there and says Zeenat Ayesha is calling you, Zeenat leaves. Ruksaar says you all want me to get married. Zara says you are clever, I saved your life, ignored your antics you are an orphan and I thought where will you go if thrown from this house but you keep doing things and also keep wanting something which you dont have entry for. Ruksaar says you think I do all that because I have support of Zeenat? no even Shahbaz promised me that my Kabir will be mine only, he knows that I am a better daughter in law for this house, I am not alone in this game, there are some people behind curtain. Zara thinks can Shahbaz really do it?

Scene 2
Ayesha asks Kabir where the guests are? Kabir says they are on the way. Zara comes there with Ruksaar dressed fully. She stares at Shahbaz and recalls Ruksaar’s words, she thinks Shahbaz was involved with Ruksaar? but he brought proposal for her. Miraj brings Hamdan and his family there. Shahbaz greets them. Zara thanks Miraj. Hamdan says to Ruksaar that Miraj told me you are worried about me, I really liked you thought about me, Miraj and Kabir wanted to delay this project till our wedding but I said why they should make their project get late, I will get married to my bride before fixed date, Ruksaar can leave this project. Ruksaar is stunned to hear all that. Miraj brings out an NOC and says you have to sign it to leave this project, I dont want any legal troubles for you. Ruksaar glares at him. Zara smirks at her. Kabir asks her to sign it. Ruksaar bitterly signs on NOC. All are happy. Zara asks Miraj to give NOC to her, she will keep it safe, he gives it to her and leaves.

Ruksaar comes to Zara and tries to take NOC from her. They are on stairs. Zara tries to keep NOC from her, Ruksaar pushes her from stairs but Zara’s dupatta get stuck and she doesnt fall. Zara grabs Ruksaar and says dont think my innocence is my foolishness, I forgot about Kashmir act but if you act like that again then.. Ayesha comes there and ask them to come downstairs.

All sit to have iftari. Zara makes Ruksaar sit with Hamdan and hints at Kabir. Kabir goes and brings rings. Zara says lets start engagement ceremony, Zeenat says we cant marry in ramadan. Kabir says people dont do weddings in ramadan but its their fault, there is no restriction in our religion, we can have wedding in ramadan. Ruksaar is shocked. Ayesha gives ring to Hamdan and Ruksaar. Kabir asks her to take it. Miraj says we will have iftar with Ruksaar’s engagement sweets. Kabir asks her to not be shy, make him wear the ring. Ruksaat sadly looks at Shahbaz and makes Hamdan wear the ring. All clap. Hamdan makes her wear the ring too. All congratulate each other. Iftar starts, Zara gives juice to Miraj and says you start iftar, this happiness wouldnt have come without you. Miraj gives juice to Ruksaar and says congrats on your engagement, she glares at him.

PRECAP- In superhit showtime, a man comes to Kabir and Zara and says I left things with you, you have be at Srinagar court tomorrow.
Kabir says to policeman that we filed FIR in this police station and Siraj was locked here too. Inspector says there is no FIR data in this or any police station. Zara says to inspector that you rescued us from Siraj, he says you are mistaken. Police arrests Zara and puts her in jeep.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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