Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 28th May 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Ashok telling Kritika that he will do some masti with her. Kritika asks him to back off and pushes him. Ranbir comes there and hits Ashok. Kritika says Mr. Flirt. Ranbir calls her angry bird and asks her to come. She takes her bag. Ranbir asks why did you fight with this goon? Kritika says she wanted to teach him a lesson and says all guys are not like Ranbir Kapoor. Kritika says this goon misbehaved with my sister in the market and that’s why I made him apologize to her on road. She tells then he was jealous and came with his goon friends to torture us, but we beat him. She says he saw me alone on bus stand and kidnapped me. Ranbir says if you had told me inside then I would have smash him. Goon comes there and recognizes him and tells that he want his son to be like him. Ranbir says

ok and asks can I take angry bird from here. Goon asks him to take her. Ashok slaps goon and asks him to catch them. Ranbir and Kritik are about to leave when goons come infront of them. Kritika asks him to fight with the goons and save them. He hits them. Kritika asks him to leave her. Ashok asks his goons to catch and beat them. Kritika throws marbles balls on their way and they are about to fall. Kritika gets happy as goons fall. Akki waits for Ranbir and calls him. Ashok is about to hit Ranbir, but he tells that it is commercial break time. Ashok is confused.

Ranbir picks the call. Akki asks when he will come for dinner. Ranbir says I will come late. Ashok is about to hit him, but Kritika saves him. She asks him to go. Ranbir is about to go, but Ashok throws drum on him and Ranbir moves away. Kritika and Ranbir hide, but Ashok and his goon catch them. Kritika thinks now he can’t save her. Ranbir says it will be the war now and he will punch them. They hear the police jeep sound. Ranbir says Police will come here and arrests you all. Kritika says they shall get a chance and asks them to leave and save themselves. They run away. Kritika tells Ranbir that it was alarm sound and praises herself. They come out. Ranbir says don’t know what would have happen to you if I had not come. Kritika says I am not thankful or will not invite you. Ranbir asks what? She says she can understand and tells him that he was trying to get closer to her inside. Ranbir asks what? He asks are you mad to think…Jesus. Kritika says your intention is bad, mr. flirt. Ranbir says no.

Kritika says I have saved you, you haven’t saved me. She says if I haven’t saved you then you would have become cuchumber. They argue. Ranbir says I will not save you if you land in any problem. Kritika says good and asks him to leave. Ranbir says ok and calls her. Kritika asks him not to save her even if she is in big problem. Ranbir says I will not come, and tells that he will rescue her. He tells her that he is really a nice guy and asks her not to invite any trouble next time, as if she is in problem then he can’t save her without touching her. He sits in car and goes.

Ranbir comes home. Malishka opens the door and says hi. She says everyone is sleeping and that’s why I have opened the door. She asks why he came late? Ranbir says I have some work. Malishka gives him water. Ranbir says it is nice, you are serving me with a glass of water irrespective of what is happening. She says I like you all and forwards hand of friendship to end enmity. Ranbir says I had a very long day and gives glass in her hand. He goes inside. Malishka feels insulted and thinks one day he will give his hand in her hand.

Ranbir tells Batra and his daughter shall think that they are guest and we are host. Akki says it is effect of the girl whom you met last night. Ranbir asks which girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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