Ishq Subhan Allah 30th May 2018 Episode Written Update

At home Ruksar is smiling as she looks at Zara she remembers the SMSs assuring before her doli Zara’s arthi would leave this house. Zara looks at ruksar n wonders why she was smiling so much. What was she plotting now. Aisha informs them that humdaaan’s mom wanted to hurry up with nikah so the haldi rasam had to be held today evening. Zeenat protests that ceremonies could not be done during ramzan. Kabir says there was no issue with ramzan , only the functions had to be held after iftaar. All agree. Zeenat is disappointed. Aisha asks every one to hurry up with arrangements.

Friends n ladies arrive along with Humdaan’s family ladies with haldi. Ladies suggest dancing n singing. Aisha asks them to postpone singing n dancing till after Eid.

All come by turn and put haldi on Ruksar.

Zara outs haldi and asks ruku why she was smiling ruku replies her by her shayari. Aisha puts haldi n says she will send Ruksar n Humdaan to Kashmir for honeymoon.

Ruksar is shocked and she gets FB of all her plotting n crimes against Zabir in Kashmir. She recollects how Shahbaz had threatened her to put her behind the bar of some Kashmir jail to rot all her life.

Ruksar gets scared of the thoughts of going to Kashmir.

She leaves her haldi n goes off to her room n gets scared. Zara wonders why did Ruksar get so scared n run away at the thoughts of going to Kashmir??

Zara comes running to Kabir and pleads him that she had to break her kashnir promise. Miraj too is there with kabir and he gets alarmed as zara mentions Kashmir. Miraj wonders why was Zara speaking of Kashmir??

Zara takes Kabir to her room and they discuss how they were enemies before marriage. They were reluctant to get married and after marriage when they went to Kashmir what happened was not normal. They had to find out why Shiraj came into their lives. Why was he after them. Zara decides to break her promise to abhu to avoid discussing about Kashmir. All was not right. Something in their lives was not right. Kabir agrees that he too wanted to discuss about Kashnir and asks his abhu but his abbu about it but abbu always changed the topic and never spoke about it. Kabir suspects abbu was hiding something. Zara asks Kabir to speak the truth, if he ever believed that zara would wish to marry shiraj?? Kabir says he could have given her talaq right then but he did not because he knew zara would never do such hings.

Ruksar contacts Shiraj and asks what did he plan about Zara, she wanted to know what exactly happened in Kashmir!! Did zara escape or did he let her go?? Miraj replies as Shiraj n assures Ruksar.
Miraj replies as Shiraj and asks her for more photos of bedroom. Ruku complies. Ruksar informs how there was a back door entry in every bedroom thru which the house keepers entered for cleaning the rooms, they opened outside. Miraj smirks on reading this SMS from ruksar .

Zara asks Reema to reach her abbu’s house with imran. Zara hunts her whole room and searches her cupboards and finally locates the albums and hard discs with their Kashmir honeymoon photos of kabir, Zara, reema and imran sit before a laptop and screen each photo.

Shiraj informs that he saw Kabir was in love with zara, So he let them go. Ruksar replies that kabir did not love zara he was doing everything as his duty. Miraj wonders why did ruksar want to know about Zara and Kashmir?? He realizes Ruksar knew too many details about Zabir’s private life. He gets suspicious. Miraj then discovers that ruksar and zara had the same IP address. Miraj realizes Ruksar had faked and lied to him. He gets furious over ruku’s lies and cheating. Ge angrily burns Ruksar’s photo and mutters that ruksar will pay for this dearly.

At Irfan qazi’s house Zabir, reema and imran start looking at all the photos. They are shocked to find a pic of Ruksar following zara in burqua.

Zara asks Imran to help her. they should go to air lines office and find if Ruksar had flown to Kashmir around the time of their honeymoon. This was the only evidence they had to prove Ruksar was in Kashmir.

Miraj too calls up his sources and gets the info that there was a lady in burqua always following Zabir in Kashmir. Even Kashmir police is hunting for a burqa waali lady, she even stayed in their hotel. Miraj’s doubts are confirmed. He recollects how shiraj had shown the evidences of his chats with zara and how she had denied it was her profile and that she never chatted with him. He gets furious as he remembers how Kabir refused to talaq zara. How then he had fallen for zara and desired her and wanted to marry her.

Precap: Ruksar says zara could try every thing.. she would never reach the truth. Zara challenges she will reach the truth no matter how much Ruksar tries to hide.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima


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