Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 4th June 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Jiana organizing the decoration. Akki comes there and tells that why is she getting creepers hanging and asks to get it rightly. Jiana asks if he has so much sense then do it himself. Akki says he will call Mandy and asks her to change the interior designer. Jiana says we think of client’s request into account and asks him not to tell Mandy. Akki asks her to design his room in 2 days. Jiana thinks he is insulting her self-respect and thinks to insult him. She makes creepers fall on his head and smiles.

Vikas tells Kritika that sometimes in life, even coincidence gives others property, popularity and right job to someone like you. He says you have joined me when I have so many cases of the property dispute. He asks her to trust the client and made others believe in his trust and

do all possible right or wrong things to win the case. He asks her to give an envelope to Balraj Kapoor and asks her to tell that it is sent from Ayush Batra. Kritika says ok. Vikas tells her that she reminds him of his daughter. Kritika smiles and goes. Vikas thinks he had to be sweet with her so that she doesn’t go against him when she comes to know the truth.

Malishka tells her friend that she will trap Ranbir and her family, then he will propose her surely. She tells that he likes parties, football, hot chicks, good food etc. Kritika comes out of the office. Ranbir is standing nearby and thinks she is here. He then couldn’t see her and thinks if she became invisible. Kritika also sees him and thinks if he is the flirt, and thinks he can’t be here. She crosses the road and is about to fall, Ranbir holds her. Kritika and Ranbir have an eye lock. She moves back and is about to hit by the cycle, but he pulls her closer. She gets black flashes of their rebirth and asks him to leave her. He asks if she needs water? She says no and tells that you always try to get closer to me. Ranbir says insult. Kritika says she will get him arrested on molestation charges. Ranbir asks molestation? Kritika says you touchy me here and there. He calls her Babe…She asks him not to call her Babe.

Ranbir asks her to talk in a low tone. Kritika asks if his image is getting ruined and says she is getting late because of him. She asks him to say sorry for touching her and getting her engaged in the problem. Ranbir says I am done with you. Kritika stops him and asks him to say sorry. Ranbir says you are insulting me in public. Ranbir splashes water on her by pressing the bottle and says it was shock therapy, it works a lot in Canada. She splashes water on his face and says this is Maha shock therapy. She takes auto and leaves. Ranbir thinks if he would have followed her if there was no meeting.

In auto, Kritika tells that she will make his head hit the wall and thinks if he comes in front of her then she will do it. Auto driver thinks she is talking about her auto and says I will take you wherever you want. Kritika says I was telling about Mr. Flirt. She asks him to look in front and thinks if an accident happens with a cycle. He asks her to tell address. She tells the address and thinks this is the same address where she dropped Jiana. Ishani calls her and tells that if she saw her nail paint. She tells that she is wearing a red top and her nail paint is missing. Kritika asks her to apply maroon nail polish and set a new trend being Ms. Ghatkoper. Ishani agrees and thanks her. Kritika thinks Ishani is sweet. She reaches Kapoor Mansion and thinks this is Ranbir Kapoor’s house.

Pummy asks Arun about his children from his other wife. She asks if Kritika is his daughter. Kritika and Arun look shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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